Employee Development

overhead view of gathered group in training room

Johnson County Government is committed to fostering a work environment where employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills that lead to success.

Employee development courses are designed to give Johnson County Government employees a variety of tools and skills to enable them to perform their jobs with excellence and contribute to the achievement of the County's mission and strategic goals. Additionally, leadership development opportunities are important to the career growth, engagement and success of Johnson County Government supervisors and managers.

Employee Development Opportunities

Johnson County Government is committed to fostering a learning environment through on-site, virtual, and online classes sponsored by the Department of Human Resources, Financial, Management & Administration, Department of Technology and Innovation. Additional training is available by the employees home department.

The county provides training for employees in these areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Interpersonal Skills Development
  • Safety
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Harassment Awareness for both employees and supervisors
  • Supervisor Training Institute - consists of 11 classes
  • Benefits and Wellness
  • Pillars of Performance and Development (PPD)
  • Policy Training
  • Departmental/Agency/Office Training


Leadership Empowers All People (LEAP)

To help us learn what it means to work for a High(er) Performing Organization (HPO) and to demonstrate our mission, vision and values throughout our workday, the LEAP (Leadership Empowers All People) program teaches high performance concepts. LEAP is one aspect of a larger effort to create and enhance an organizational culture that empowers people to lead regardless of their role. Thousands of county employees have completed the program and are applying the concepts in every aspect of their work.

Some concepts explored during the LEAP program include providing high quality service, spending resources wisely, focusing on customer value, sharing diverse opinions openly, collaborating creatively with others, and encouraging all employees (regardless of role) to seek opportunities to exercise leadership.