Our Pillars: Mission, Vision and Values

Pillars of Performance for Johnson County

Our Leadership Philosophy

At Johnson County, we are inspired by a common leadership philosophy: Leadership is a responsibility shared by all. We trust and empower each other to do the right thing for the right reason for the public good. Committed to our shared values, we provide excellent public service, seeking always to improve ourselves and our organization. Together we will leave our community better than we found it.

Our Vision

We choose to be a different kind of government:

  • One that inspires trust for who we are and pride in what we do
  • One that dares to imagine what can be and strives each day to make a difference;
  • One that cares about the health, the character, and the promise of community

Through our service, Johnson County will always be an extra-ordinary place, second to none, where people want to be, to work, to live.

Our Mission

We provide exemplary government functions and services to keep our community healthy and safe, promote sustainable growth, support people with life's challenges, and contribute to a high quality of life. 

Our Values

Core Values - The higher moral purpose this organization is trying to serve.

Public Service:  A personal commitment to a higher calling, to serve the common good, guided by our democratic principles.

Public Trust:  We are entrusted with the care of the common interest.  We shall, individually and collectively, honor, uphold, and preserve this trust.

Public Leadership: We hold ourselves to the highest principles, always seeking to do the right thing for the common good.

Behavioral Values – These guide how we plan to treat each other and, by extension, the customers we serve.

Integrity:  We are truthful, openly share information, honor codes of conduct, ensure that our actions match our words, and demonstrate our commitment to each other and the county.

Professionalism:  We act conscientiously, beyond self-interest, with a full appreciation of what is appropriate in the workplace, setting high standards, seeking personal mastery, and striving to exceed expectations.

Humility:  We are modest but confident about our own abilities and honest about our limitations.  We learn from others, our own mistakes, and celebrate our successes in a gracious manner.

Humor:  We laugh with one another as we work together, never take ourselves too seriously, and use humor in a sensitive and caring manner.

Respect:  We actively recognize the dignity and worth of every individual, extending to them kindness and courtesy.  We listen and seek to understand each other and different perspectives.  We stand against prejudice and intolerance, seeking acceptance and inclusion for all.

Operational Values - These guide our operating processes and how we do our work.

Caring Workplace:  We care about each other, crafting a mutually supportive workplace that balances the interests of individuals and the organization. 

Stewardship:  Individually and collectively, we are building a better community today and for future generations.  We achieve this through creative and effective use of resources to meet environmental, economic and human needs.

Teamwork:  It’s about people working together within and beyond our traditional workgroups and organizational boundaries. 

Continuous Improvement:  We inspire one another to do our best and are accountable for results.  We support innovation and responsible risk taking, and we approach our work with a positive attitude and noble intent.

Learning Organization:  We believe that learning is fundamental to excellence.  Investing in individual and organizational development is our pathway to success.