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Selecting Child Care

Resources to help parents and guardians find the right child care solution.

familySelecting Quality Child Care - free brochure on selecting a quality child care facility.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Child Care for You and Your Child - a Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Resource.

Child Care Providers Coalition of Kansas - CCPC is a state wide Family Child Care Organization dedicated to promoting quality child care and professionalism in Kansas.

Child Care Aware - This organization provides information and services for parents seeking child care, plus information on professional development opportunities for child care providers.

Daycare Connection - Daycare Connection is a resource and referral agency that offers parents help in finding child care. It also provides training and other resources for child care providers. This agency is a food program sponsor for home daycare providers.

Healthy Child Care America - Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The Family Conservancy - The Family Conservancy offers parenting tips and a parenting class calendar. It also provides training and technical assistance for child care providers. This agency is a food program sponsor for home daycare providers.

Zero to Three - Educational resource for parents and providers for children aged zero to three years.

Guidelines for Choosing Quality Child Care

If you decide to go back to work or school and need to leave your child with someone other than a relative, give some time and thought in locating a child care provider. Talk to the individual and plan a visit to the home before taking your child there. See where the child will be playing, napping, eating, etc.

Important questions to ask/things to look for:

  • Is the provider licensed? Ask to see their license.
  • Is the overall environment safe for the child? Is it similar to the child's home setting?
  • Is there open communication? Is the provider asking questions of you and answering your questions?
  • Chat with the provider for a while. Does the provider seem interested in children or is he/she just interested in money?
  • Is the home/center relatively clean and are there proper eating, sleeping, and play space for your child?
  • What plans has the provider made for emergencies and is there a telephone in the home/center?
  • What kind of nutritional food/snacks are served and who will provide them?
  • Are medications, dangerous chemicals, household cleaning supplies, and sharp objects locked away, or if in a home, out of reach of children less than 10 years of age?
  • Is the outside play area safe, fenced, and free of hazards?
  • What is the charge and are you charged for days your child is absent?
  • Who (besides yourself) will be authorized to pick up your child?
  • Will an adult be with your child at all times?
  • Ask to see all areas of the home/center your child will have access to.

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