Minor Home Rehabilitation

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The Minor Home Rehabilitation program assists eligible Johnson County homeowners with home repairs and provides limited accessibility modifications for eligible persons with a disability. Residents of Lenexa and Olathe are not eligible for the Minor Home Rehabilitation program through Johnson County but can apply directly through their city for other home repair programs.

Eligibility Requirements

The basic eligibility requirements for the Minor Home Rehabilitation Program are:

  • Applicant must be a resident of Johnson County, Kansas.
  • Applicant's household annual gross income cannot exceed 80 percent of the median-income guidelines, as published annually by HUD.
  • Applicant must own and occupy the home as their primary residence, be current on the payment of property taxes, and the home cannot be for sale.

Income Guidelines

Income limits are based on HUD published median income guidelines for the Kansas City Metropolitan area (MSA: Kansas City, MO-KS):

Household Size and Income Limit

  • 1 person: $57,750
  • 2 person: $66,000
  • 3 person: $74,250
  • 4 person: $82,500
  • 5 person: $89,100
  • 6 person: $95,700
  • 7 person: $102,300
  • 8 person: $108,900

Repairs Provided

The Program addresses repairs that, if left unattended, would have a direct impact on the health and safety of, or accessibility for, the homeowner. Repair work focuses on mechanical systems in the home, and devices or modifications, to make the home accessible.

The Minor Home Rehabilitation Program does not address ordinary homeowner maintenance items, and does not repair appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, and window air conditioners. The Program also does not provide funding for exterior maintenance such as yard work, tree removal, snow removal, gutter cleaning, or routine painting.

However, funding for exterior painting may be available to remedy a city citation or notification by a city/county code inspector of a deficiency for deteriorating or peeling paint.

Repair items list

  • Carpentry: Repair windows and doors, install handrails, replace steps, make small floor and wall repairs.
  • Electrical: Replace faulty outlets, switches, and light fixtures; do minor rewiring; install smoke detectors.
  • Furnace/central air conditioner: Inspect and repair heating and cooling units.
  • Handicap accessibility: Install grab bars, wheelchair access ramps, and railings; modify doors for entrance and egress; install devices for the hearing impaired.
  • Plumbing: Unclog drains; repair toilets/faucets; replace water lines and heaters.
  • Masonry: Repair or replace masonry steps.
  • Roof Replacement: The program provides complete tear-off and replacement of leaking roofs. We do not attempt roof repairs, only replacements. A bid for roof tear-off and replacement must be at or below the maximum grant amount per household. The work will be awarded to the lowest, best, and most responsive bidder.

Program Restrictions

Due to limited funding, the program operates under the following restrictions:

Funding and Service Limits

  • Funding limit - Funds for the program are allocated on an annual basis per city and per eligible household.
  • Service limit - Furnaces can only be replaced if certified as defective. Electrical systems must be certified as defective or inadequate to qualify for upgrade. The program may allow for the replacement of defective central air conditioning systems (not window units) for eligible persons age 62 and over, or persons under age 62 who have a doctor's statement of need or disability. Overland Park residents must have a doctor’s statement regardless of age.

How to Apply for the Program


Step 1

Request an application from the Housing Services office at 913-715-6612 or download the following:


Step 2

Complete the application entirely. Please read carefully. Only complete applications with documentation will be processed.


Step 3

Provide all necessary support documents i.e. bank statements, social security award letters, pension statements, etc. Note that providing fax numbers for assets, banks, and employers will help our office process your application in less time.


Step 4

Sign your name in all necessary places in the application packet.


Step 5

Return the application and supporting documents to the Housing Services office using one of the following methods:

Email: sue.carter@jocogov.org
Fax: 913-715-6632
Mail or In Person:
Johnson County Housing Services
Attn: Sue Carter
12425 W 87th Street Parkway, Suite 200
Lenexa, KS 66215


Step 6

The Housing Rehabilitation Program Assistant will contact you to complete the application process.


Step 7

A Rehab Specialist will assess your home for eligible repairs.

Contact Us

Johnson County Housing Services
Minor Home Rehabilitation Program

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E-Mail: Sue Carter, Housing Rehabilitation Program Assistant