Housing Services Contact List

General Inquiries:
Phone: 913-715-6600  Email: housingservices@jocogov.org

North Central Multi-Service Center
12425 W. 87th Street Parkway, Suite 200, Lenexa, KS 66215

Management Team

Contact Position Phone
Heather McNeive Director 913-715-6601
Adrienne Fight Deputy Director 913-715-6602
Molly Guinto Finance Manager 913-715-6627
Teresa Spaeth HCV Program Manager 913-715-6603


Housing Choice Voucher Program

Phone: 913-715-6600  Email: housingservices@jocogov.org  Fax: 913-715-6630

Contact Position Phone
Teresa Spaeth HCV Program Manager 913-715-6603
Shakeena Richards Portability/Intake Specialist 913-715-6605
Kimberly Nuessen Intake Specialist 913-715-6604
Courtney Collins Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator 913-715-6610
Shani Howard Occupancy Specialist 913-715-6608
Lesia Lewis Occupancy Specialist 913-715-6619
Angela Mitchell Occupancy Specialist 913-715-6611
Teresa Hinson Occupancy Specialist 913-715-6609
Jessa Molina Landlord Liaison 913-715-6618
Greg Kessell Lead Inspector 913-715-6606
Ken Jones Inspector 913-715-6607


Housing Rehabilitation Programs

Phone: 913-715-6612  Email: homerepair@jocogov.org  Fax: 913-715-6632

Contact Position Phone
Sue Carter Housing Rehabilitation
Program Assistant
Nancy Wilcox Rehabilitation Specialist 913-715-6615
TJ Bernard Rehabilitation Specialist 913-715-6614
Vacant Contractor Liaison  



Contact Position Phone
Molly Guinto Finance Manager 913-715-6627
Vacant HCV Finance Coordinator  
Marcy Magott Finance Coordinator 913-715-6626
Megan Lynch Assistant Grants Manager 913-715-6662


Accessibility Contact

headshot of Jessa Molina

Do you have questions about accessing Johnson County Housing Services' office, general accessibility requests, or accessible housing?

Contact Jessa Molina

LGBTQIA+ Contact

headshot of Heather McNeive

Do you have LGBTQIA+ related questions about Johnson County Housing Services programs?

Contact Heather McNeive