Forms and Fees

If you have issues viewing or downloading the application or have other questions, please call 913-715-6900.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit - $100

Air Quality

Application for Open Burn Exemption

Hazardous Materials Disposal for Residents

Household hazardous materials drop-off is FREE to Johnson County residents.
By Appointment Only.

Hazardous Materials Disposal for Business

Note: These fees are for the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator, Kansas Small Quantity Generator program. These fees are subject to change without notice. You must register for this program.
Latex paint (100 gallon maximum limit per month) | $0.60/gal
Fuels blending-loose pack (oil based paint, stains) | $2.20/gal
Fuels blending - bulk (fuel, solvent, thinners) | $0.20/lb
Fluorescent bulbs (100 units maximum limit) | $0.10/ft; $0.25/CFL; $1.50/HID lamp
Propane cylinders (up to one pound) | $2.00ea
Aerosol cans | $1.00ea
Mercury (elemental) | $5.75/lb
Waste oil (no PCBs) | $0.30/gal
Lab Pack - Corrosives | $3.05/lb
Lab Pack - Poisons | $1.87/lb
Lab Pack - Oxidizers | $2.95/lb
Lab Pack - Organic Peroxides and Reactives | $6.85/lb
Complete pricing schedule
Register to become a Small Quantity Generator

Records Request

Open Records Request | 50¢ per page
Public Information Request Form

Environmental Sanitary Code

Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspection

Application for First Time Indoor Aquatic Venue Plan Review $410
Application for First Time Seasonal Aquatic Venue Plan Review $355
Application for First Time Spa Venue Plan Review $200
Application for Annual Pool Operation License, annual renewal per site $370
Application for Existing Pool, Spa, or Beach Modification or Repair Permit $75
Application for Licensed Pool Operator, 3 year term $110
Pool Licensed Operator (LPO) Reference Material
CDC Fecal Incident Response
Rules for Pools

Septic Systems

Application for Private Sewage Treatment System Installation Permit $475
Application for Private Sewage Treatment System Permit for Significant Alteration $420
Application for Commercial Sewage Treatment System Installation Permit $475
Application for Class A (potential of industrial/commercial wastes - serves 20 or more full time) $200
Application for Class B (domestic wastes only - serves less than 20 full time employees $115
Application for Industrial/Commercial Sewage Treatment Resale Inspection $250
Application for Sewage System Installer License (annual) $150
Application for Sewage System Designer License (two year term) $300
Application for Sanitary Disposal Contractor License (annual) $80 plus $270 (annual) fee per truck
Pumper Logs - Sanitary Disposal Contractor Log Sheet (Due before the 10th of each month.)
Application for Soil Profile Analysis $460
Application for Residential Sewage System Resale Inspection $250
Application for Septic Locate Re-inspections for New Additions on Property $80
Application for Decommissioning Septic Tank $60
Private Sewage Minor Repair Permit  $80  Application provided by inspector on site, call 913-715-6905 to make payment via credit card 

Licensed Contractor Lists

Solid Waste Management

Note: These fees are for initial and annual renewal of licenses and permits pursuant to the Solid Waste Code.
Solid Waste Incinerator | $26,000
Municipal Solid Waste Landfill | $26,000
Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Facility | $1,000
Reclamation Facility | $250
Solid Waste Processing Facility | $1,000
Construction and Demolition Landfill | $500
Composting Facility | $250
Tree and Brush Disposal Site | $250
Materials Recovery Facility | $200
Transfer Station (more than 20,000 tons per year) | $1,000
Transfer Station (20,000 tons or less per year) | $250
Solid Waste Hauler (1 to 10 vehicles used for residential collection) | $100
Solid Waste Hauler (11 to 50 vehicles used for residential collection) | $250
Solid Waste Hauler (Over 50 vehicles used for residential collection) | $500
Permit Renewal Application for Solid Waste Management Facility
License Application for Residential Hauler (must be opened in Adobe Reader)
Hauler Tonnage Report Form

Rabies Control

Specimen Shipping to Kansas State University (Monday-Thursday) | $90
Specimen Shipping to Kansas State University (Friday) | $105