Forms and Fees

If you have issues viewing or downloading the application or have other questions, please call 913-715-6900.

Environmental Audit

Air Quality

Hazardous Materials Disposal for Residents

Household hazardous materials drop-off is free to Johnson County residents, by appointment only.

Hazardous Materials Disposal for Business

Note: These fees are for the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator, Kansas Small Quantity Generator program. These fees are subject to change without notice. You must register for this program.

  • Aerosol cans | $1.10ea
  • Fuels blending-loose pack (oil based paint, stains) | $2.42/gal
  • Fuels blending - bulk (fuel, solvent, thinners) | $0.22/lb
  • Fluorescent bulbs (100 units maximum limit) | $0.11/ft; $0.28/CFL; $1.65/HID lamp
  • Lab Pack - Corrosives | $3.36/lb
  • Lab Pack - Poisons | $2.06/lb
  • Lab Pack - Oxidizers | $3.25/lb
  • Lab Pack - Organic Peroxides and Reactives | $7.54/lb
  • Latex paint (100 gallon maximum limit per month) | $0.66/gal. $3.30/5-gal
  • Propane cylinders (up to one pound) | $2.20ea
  • Waste oil (no PCBs) | $0.33/gal

View a complete pricing schedule, and register to become a Small Quantity Generator.

Records Request

Open Records Request is 50¢ per page.

Access the Public Information Request Form.

Environmental Sanitary Code

Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspection

Septic Systems

Licensed Contractor Lists:

Solid Waste Management

Note: These fees are for initial and annual renewal of licenses and permits pursuant to the Solid Waste Code.

  • Solid Waste Incinerator: $26,000
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfill: $26,000
  • Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Facility: $1,000
  • Reclamation Facility: $250
  • Solid Waste Processing Facility: $1,000
  • Construction and Demolition Landfill: $500
  • Composting Facility: $250
  • Tree and Brush Disposal Site: $250
  • Materials Recovery Facility: $200
  • Transfer Station (more than 20,000 tons per year): $1,000
  • Transfer Station (20,000 tons or less per year): $250
  • Solid Waste Hauler (1 to 10 vehicles used for residential collection): $100
  • Solid Waste Hauler (11 to 50 vehicles used for residential collection): $250
  • Solid Waste Hauler (Over 50 vehicles used for residential collection): $500

Forms and Applications:

Rabies Control

  • Specimen shipping to Kansas State University (Monday-Thursday): $98
  • Specimen shipping to Kansas State University after 3:30 p.m. on Thursday and all day Friday: $115 (requires a Saturday delivery fee)
  • Family of bats – Shipping price per above, then an additional fee per each additional bat: $38