2024 Community Survey

2024 Community Survey Results

Most residents continue to have a positive perception of Johnson County, according to the 2024 community survey results.

The survey was administered in January and February 2024 to random households via mail. A total of 1,272 surveys were completed, resulting in a 95% confidence level in the survey findings.

The racial makeup of respondents closely aligned with the 2020 Census results: 85% identified as white, 8% Hispanic/Latino, 6% Asian or Asian Indian and 6% Black or African American. In addition, 59% of respondents were 45 years old or older, and at least 200 respondents came from each district.

Explore key highlights of the 2024 community survey results below.

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Quality of Life

2024 Community Survey - Quality of Life

Residents continue to praise their quality of life in Johnson County, with more than nine out of 10 survey respondents rating the county as an “excellent” or “good” place to live and raise children.

All four of these scores have gone up since 2023, with respondents rating the county “excellent” or “good” as a place to…

  • Live (97%)
  • Raise children (96%)
  • Work (88%)
  • Retire (68%)

These scores exceed national averages by more than 30%, with the place to live score 48% above the national average.


2024 Community Survey - Safety

Rates of safety also exceeded national averages, with a vast majority of residents feeling safe in all areas of Johnson County.

Overall, 93% of respondents reported feeling safe in the county. The feeling of safety and low crime rate was also their most important reason for staying in the county for the next 10 years, as stated by 66% of respondents.

Broken down by category, 98% of respondents feel safe in their neighborhood during the day, with 76% of respondents feeling very safe. Additional, 90% feel safe in their neighborhood at night, and 82% feel safe in county parks. Ratings in these four categories have gone up from 2023.

Service Quality

2024 Community Survey - Service Quality

The county continues to set the standard for service delivery in most areas. According to the survey, 80% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of county services overall, far exceeding the national average of 49% satisfaction.

Satisfaction with county services has improved in 18 of the 25 major areas assessed on the survey since 2023. Similar to last year, the following five services receiving the highest rates of satisfaction:


2024 Community Survey - Priorities

Looking ahead, residents see health and human services as the biggest priority for Johnson County. Nearly half (47%) of survey respondents noted this as a critical role for Johnson County Government in the next 10-20 years – higher than any other role.

Like in 2023, respondents again emphasized emergency medical/ambulance service as the most important service to provide, followed by Johnson County Park and Recreation District and Johnson County Emergency Preparedness/NotifyJoCo.