2022 Community Survey

Johnson County exceeds national averages when it comes to perceived quality of life, with residents continuing to show overwhelming satisfaction in the 2022 community survey. The survey offers a look at residents’ perceptions with life and services in the county.

The survey was administered in January and February 2022 to random households via mail. A total of 1,649 households completed the survey, resulting in a 95% confidence level in the survey findings.

At least 200 surveys were completed from each commission district. The racial makeup of respondents was closely aligned with the 2020 Census results (85% White, 7% Hispanic, 5% Asian/Pacific Islander, 5% Black, 1% American Indian/Native Alaskan), and gender was evenly split between male and female.

Explore key highlights of the 2022 community survey results below.

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Quality of Life

Residents satisfied with: overall quality of life (93%),  county as a place to live (98%), county as a place to raise children (97%), county as a place to work (91%)

Residents had great things to say about their quality of life in the county – with satisfaction in all areas landing far above national averages. Ninety-three percent of respondents were satisfied with their overall quality of life, and 92% were satisfied with the county’s overall image.

Residents were satisfied with various aspects of their life in the county, whether they’re raising a family or enjoying retirement. Respondents found the county to be a great place to…

  • Live (98%)
  • Raise children (97%)
  • Work (91%)
  • Play (85%)
  • Retire (70%)

As the real estate boom enters 2022, residents also were happy with their housing. Of respondents, 89% were satisfied with their quality of housing and 67% were satisfied with the availability of affordable housing.


Residents satisfied with: public safety services (88%), safety in the county (94%), daytime safety in neighborhoods (99%), nighttime safety in neighborhoods (89%)

Residents generally felt very safe in Johnson County, with feelings of safety similarly exceeding national averages. Overall, 94% of respondents said they felt safe in the county. More than 90% of respondents said they also felt safe in neighborhoods and county parks.

Additionally, residents gave high marks to public safety in the county. Eighty-eight percent of respondents were satisfied with the quality of public safety, thanks to the work of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson County MED-ACT and local police and fire departments.

Service Quality

Residents satisfied with: Park and Recreation (90%), Library System (88%), Emergency Preparedness (83%), county services overall (82%)

Johnson County Government provides a variety of services to residents, from parks and libraries to support for the aging and disabled populations. Coming out of the pandemic, residents were happy with county services, with 82% satisfied with the quality of services provided.

Twenty-four services were included in the survey, and most respondents were satisfied with 14 of these 24 services. Services with the highest satisfaction ratings included:

All five of these departments saw increases in satisfaction from the 2020 community survey. Respondents also praised the quality of customer service in the county, as 69% were satisfied with the service they received.

Service Delivery

Residents believe: polling places are conveniently located/accessible (91%), the county has enough advanced voting locations (79%), website is useful source of info (66%)

Residents were satisfied with the delivery of services in the county, especially services from the Election Office during recent elections. Ninety-one percent of respondents felt polling places were conveniently located and accessible, and 79% felt there were enough advanced voting locations.

Most respondents felt county communication was effective and believed the county does a good job of keeping people informed about services and programs. They’re also happy with the new website, with more residents satisfied with the website (66%) in 2022 than in 2020.


Most important services: Emergency Medical/Ambulance Service, Public Health, Elections Office. Most critical government roles, next 10-20 years: Health and human services, public safety and law enforcement, quality leadership

Residents also shared their input on areas they find important and want the county to prioritize in the coming years. The services of highest importance included Johnson County Emergency Medical/Ambulance Service, Johnson County Public Health and the Johnson County Election Office.

Regarding county priorities for the next five years, residents emphasized public education (K-12) and safety and low crime rates. In the next 10-20 years, residents felt the most critical roles for the government include health and human services and public safety/law enforcement.

Residents felt the county should allocate additional resources toward mental health services (54%), aging services (45%) and addressing homelessness (40%).