Financial Assistance

Elderly white woman holds budget documents at a table next to a young black woman

Finances can place a heavy burden on older adults and other vulnerable populations. If you're in need of support, there are a variety of resources available to the aging population in Johnson County.

These resources can assist residents with financial needs, from food and housing to property taxes and health. In addition to help with cost of living, you can also find ways to reduce expenses or increase income.

Below, you can view a list of ideas and options from your Explore Your Resources directory for financial assistance.

Affordable Housing

Downsize your home or consider subsidized apartments. Make sure your rent or house payments and taxes are a manageable priority expense. Consider home sharing. Please review housing options in our report on Housing and Long Term Care.

Help with Food Expenses

Older adults can attend a senior neighborhood congregate center where lunch is offered on a donation basis. Shop sales for basic needs. Apply for food assistance through the supplemental nutrition assistance program SNAP. Visit a food pantry.

See resources listed under Meals/Nutrition Food Assistance on pages 46-49 in your Explore Your Options directory.


Offer your skills and abilities for hire. See Employment Options in your Explore Your Options directory.

Affordable Transportation

See the Transportation Options report for affordable rides on pages 74-76 in your Explore Your Options directory.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

To get a loan out of the value of your home while you live there, understand your options for using the collateral or value of your home equity. See page 26 in your Explore Your Options directory.

Start a Savings Account

Month by month, save a little money to prepare for job loss, healthcare, unexpected home and car expenses, or loss of spousal income.

Johnson County Library and Olathe Library offer computers for use, books, magazines, videos, music and homebound services for card holders. See page 21 in your Explore Your Options directory.

Home Repair

Did you know there are affordable home repair options offered in Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee and other parts of Johnson County? See Habitat for Humanity ReStore, HopeBuilders, Johnson County Housing Services, Lenexa's Exterior Grant Program, Olathe Housing Rehabilitation Services, and the Weatherization Program on pages 37-39 in your Explore Your Options directory.

Legal Services

Adults age 60 and older can do advanced care planning with Kansas Legal Services on a donation basis.

See forms online and other helpful affordable legal information and services on page 44 in your Explore Your Options directory. Find out more about the Center for Practical Bioethics, Johnson County Law Library, and the Kansas Elderlaw Hotline.

Personal Property Tax Refunds

Learn more about the Kansas Homestead and Safe Senior programs online or call 1-785-368-8222.

Reduce Healthcare Expenses

See the report on Health Care Navigation and apply for the Medicare Savings Program to help low-income individuals with Medicare premiums, deductibles, and co-pays and Extra Help with Prescription Drug Plan Costs. See pages 29 and 56 in your Explore Your Options directory.

Social Security, SSI, Disability

Older adults can apply for and receive social security for retirement. Older, blind, or disabled people with little or no income can apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Contact Social Security at 1-877-445-9978. See page 68 in your Explore Your Options directory.


Weatherization can lower the cost of utilities in your home and adjust your thermostat. Call 785-242-6413 or see page 39 in your Explore Your Options directory.

Utility Assistance

Residents needing assistance with a past due utility bill or unable to make a payment for a payment arrangement plan can apply for utility assistance by calling 913-715-6653.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

Low-income households can apply from January through March to get help with utility bills. Call 1-800-432-0043 or visit the website.