Transportation Resources

A female driver helps an elderly woman in a wheelchair get into a van

Are you a resident with an ongoing need for transportation in Johnson County? There are services in the community that provide transportation to the aging population and vulnerable adults.

Options available include public transportation, bus service, taxi service, and more. There are also reduced rates for transportation and transportation for those in need of medical treatment and those on Medicaid.

Below, you can find transportation options available to the aging population in Johnson County. Note: Cost and details may change over time, so please call each provider for the latest information.

Planning Your Transportation

Consider creating a transportation checklist to meet your needs when you cannot drive. Write down the:

  • Transportation option
  • Contact information
  • Cost
  • Where and when you want to go

Your transportation options may include family, friends, neighbors, trusted acquaintances or the options listed below. Your destinations may include the doctor’s office, grocery store, pharmacy, social activity, church, workplace, hair salon, barber and more.

Think of where you need to go or would like to go and plan ahead, and budget for the cost. Perhaps you can get together with friends who don’t drive and make plans together, or hire your own driver.


Kansas City Regional Transit offers RideKC Freedom taxi service, bus service, and expanded routes in Johnson County so residents can better reach jobs, hospitals, and higher education, plus many stores and restaurants.

RideKC operates weekday commuter services with most routes running during peak morning and afternoon times. RideKC Freedom provides curb-to-curb service services for the elderly and disabled.

A Micro Transit Program operates Sunday through Saturday 6 a.m.-8 p.m. Fares (with base rate, plus miles) are $5 for the first five miles, $2 per mile for miles 5.1 and beyond. using the RideKC Micro Transit App or with exact cash. 

Call regarding options available, and plan your trip at or 816-221-0660.

Passes and affordable transportation are available.

Phone: 816-221-0660



Catch-a-Ride is a volunteer transportation service that aims to help Johnson County residents access medical appointments, food pantries, and other social service agencies (including Kansas DCFS and the Social Security office). The service is available to older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals in transitional stages who are unable to drive. However, they do not transport anyone under the age of 18. While Catch-a-Ride can assist those with walkers, canes, and portable oxygen, it is not wheelchair accessible. It's important to note that Catch-a-Ride provides transportation to Johnson County residents to Johnson County destinations, except for St. Luke's on the Plaza, St. Joseph Medical Center, and UMKC Dental School.

Catch-a-Ride provides transportation services Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but is closed on county holidays. The program utilizes volunteer drivers who drive their private vehicles to transport riders. It is necessary to make a ride request at least five business days before the planned appointment. Riders are allowed to request one ride per week; however, all rides are subject to availability based on volunteer schedules.

Catch-a-Ride is a donation-based program. Riders receive a donation letter every month suggesting a $5 donation for each ride. To use the service, riders must fill out an application and be accepted into the program before making a ride request.

Phone: 913-715-8900.

Cancer Action, Inc.

Cancer Action Inc. provides transportation for medical treatment of persons diagnosed with cancer.

Address: 10520 Barkley, Ste. 100, Overland Park, KS

Phone: 913-642-8885

JET Express

JET Express membership provides safe, door-to-door transportation and uses volunteer drivers to provide one-way and round-trip rides.

Riders must be 60 years of age and older, without readily available transportation, and non-wheelchair bound (or able to get into the car and have a wheelchair put in the trunk). Rides are available for medical appointments, hairdressers,  grocery stores, and other activities.

The cost is $5 each way, and rides must be scheduled five business days in advance. The limit is a 30-mile round trip per ride, and riders can get up to two round-trip rides per week based on volunteer availability. 

Rides are available everyday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. based on volunteer availability.

Phone: 913-981-8877

JET Express Van Rides/Rideshare Partnerships

JET Express Van Rides provides rides in a comfortable minivan by a friendly Jewish Family Services staff member.

Riders must be 60 years of age and older, without readily available transportation, and non-wheelchair bound (or able to get into the car and have a wheelchair put in the trunk). Rides are available for medical appointments, hairdressers,  grocery stores, and other activities.

JET Express Van Rides allows you to schedule appointments that are guaranteed, first come first serve. Rides can be scheduled Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and Fridays 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. depending on driver availability. JET Express Van Rides rides start at $15 each way.

JET Express Rideshare Partnerships are for riders needing a guaranteed ride and the desire to schedule same-day (up to an hour before), through Lyft and Uber. Riders must have a mobile phone and be able to meet the driver at the curb. Rideshare rides start at $15 each way.

Phone: 913-981-8877

Shawnee CityRide

Through the Shawnee CityRide program, the City of Shawnee partners with 10/10 Taxi to provide transportation to senior citizens (ages 65 and older) and individuals with disabilities. 

Call 10/10 Taxi at 913-647-0010 at least 45 minutes in advance of the time you need your ride. Riders with a location west of Lackman may need to schedule a pick-up at least one hour in advance. If you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, please call with at least two hours notice and mention it in the ride request..

Under CityRide, 10/10 Taxi will provide rides seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. CityRide provides rides to:

  • Private residences, businesses, physician offices, and any other location inside the Shawnee city limits

10/10 Taxi will also take eligible Shawnee residents to:

  • Advent Health Shawnee Mission hospital complex
  • Merriam Community Center (which includes the Merriam Neighborhood Congregate Center)
  • Johnson County Transit Center in Mission

If you want to go outside of those areas, you are responsible for paying any additional charges.  To enroll and purchase up to 10 rides for $2 per ride, provide proof of eligibility (age 65 or older or disabled) at:

  • Shawnee City Hall, 11110 Johnson Drive in the City Clerk’s Office

You must enroll prior to scheduling a ride with 10/10 Taxi. 

Phone: 913-742-6014

Medicaid Transportation

If you are elderly or disabled and have less than $2000 in savings and a very limited monthly income, Medicaid might help with transportation services for medical purposes.

For more information regarding your MCO or Kansas Medicaid (KanCare) please call 1-866-305-5147 or visit

If on Medicaid, contact Transportation Services for your assigned Managed Care Organization:

Additional private-pay transportation in Johnson County and Kansas City such as 10/10 Taxi, Uber and Lyft are available on demand. For transportation with assistance or escort, see Home Health agencies that offer transportation. See transportation listings on pages 74-76 in your Explore Your Options directory.