Health Care Facility Request

Johnson County MED-ACT's Nursing Home and Health Care Facility group works hand in hand with facilities across the Johnson County region to provide support and feedback about emergency processes, dialing 9-1-1 and clinical expectations during facility transports.

Request Emergency Services Coverage for Events

Johnson County MED-ACT provides all Emergency Medical Services to over 590,000 citizens residing within Johnson County Kansas. MED-ACT is an Advanced Life Support based system that employs Kansas State certified paramedics under the direction of the Johnson County Medical Director. MED-ACT also provides medical coverage for scheduled events for a fee. Events that are usually covered by the department include 5Ks, marathons, duathlons, triathlons, parades, sporting events, fairs and community festivals.

Working at MED-ACT

Becoming a paramedic can be a rewarding career as you are responsible for providing care to the sick and injured. A paramedic provides both basic and advanced life support, including the administration of medications, advanced airway management, and cardiac monitoring.

Special Operations

MED-ACT maintains several special operations teams that specialize in different types of response. After their first years of training, many providers choose to join a special operations team in addition to their regular field assignment, train in different concepts and build upon their team building skills.

Community Education

Training classes offered by MED-ACT help residents to assist when an emergency strikes.

Group Leadership

MED-ACT uses a collaborative leadership structure to incorporate field input on a variety of management issues. Field personnel are encouraged to participate in any of these venues. Field input is an essential part of MED-ACT’s approach, helping to assure that our actions are coordinated and grounded.
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