File of Life Program

When Seconds Count…

A File of Life magnet with a pocket holding a folded piece of paper containing medical information.

Johnson County MED-ACT is prepared to respond to your home any time you are faced with sudden illness or injury, but have you done everything you can to prepare? Will you be able to communicate your past medical history, the list of medications you are taking and any life threatening allergies you may have? What happens when the illness or injury prevents you from being able to do so?

This scenario is all too common so Johnson County MED-ACT made the File of Life available to our citizens at no charge. This simple tool allows patients to post a “mini medical history” via magnet on their refrigerator so paramedics have somewhere to look for this critical information.

The front of the form contains demographic information and communicates patient preferences including hospital of choice and whether or not an Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate form exists for the patient. The back of the form is where the patient can document the prescription medications they take, any current medical conditions they have, and medication allergies paramedics will need to know about. The form is then folded and placed in this magnet pocket for display on the refrigerator.

Chances are there is something about your medical history or current medical status paramedics would need to know.

Download a File of Life form.

Get a File of Life refrigerator magnet free!

Johnson County MED-ACT is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for medical emergencies and the File of Life program is one tool to help achieve that goal. If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, call us at 913-715-1950 and we’ll mail you a magnetic sleeve to display your File of Life information on your refrigerator so paramedics can access it in case of emergency.