File of Life magnet can help paramedics during a home emergency

A File of Life magnet with a pocket holding a folded piece of paper containing medical information.

Emergencies most often occur in the home, and it’s important that you can communicate your medical needs with paramedics. A File of Life magnet on your refrigerator can be the exact thing Johnson County MED-ACT needs to help you when you’re injured or ill.

These free magnets allow you to post a “mini medical history” on your fridge, including past medical history, a list of medications you’re taking, life-threatening allergies and more – all of which are vital for paramedics.

Paramedics know to look for this magnet when responding to an emergency in the home, and it can help them respond properly when you’re unable to communicate your medical needs. There’s a good chance they’ll need to know about your medical history or current medical status.

A form is placed in the magnet’s pocket with this key information on the front and back sides:

  • Front: basic emergency response information, including demographic information, hospital of choice and an Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate form
  • Back: vital medical details, including prescription medications, medical conditions and medication allergies

File of Life magnets are available for free through MED-ACT. You can download the File of Life form and get the magnet mailed to your address. To secure your refrigerator magnet for paramedics to access during an emergency, call 913-715-1950.

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