Budget has mill levy reduction

The Best Times Digital Edition

Oct. 26, 2021

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners has adopted the FY 2022 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget, totaling approximately $1.45 billion, with another authorized reduction in the county mill levy.

The budget was crafted with an estimated mill levy of 25.497 mills, a .30 reduction from the FY 2021 mill levy. With pending exemptions, once the latest assessed property valuation is determined in October , the anticipated final mill levy will represent an estimated .25 mill levy reduction.

“Due to the growth in property values, we are again in a position to return some resources back to taxpayers through mill levy reductions. This is the fourth reduction in five years without impacting the county’ s exceptional programs and services to which Johnson County residents are accustomed,” said Chairman Ed Eilert.

“With this budget, we will also maintain the reserve level that helps us achieve the best credit ratings available.”

The county’s fiscal year begins Jan.1, 2022. Details about the FY 2022 Budget are available online at jocogov.org.