EYO Service Directory lists more resources to explore

The Best Times Digital Edition
Explore Your Options Directory Cover

Oct. 26, 2021

  1. Area Agency on Aging services. Pages 1-2
  2. Steps to get help for memory concerns. Pages 5-6
  3. Library homebound services, talking books, book club and events. Page 21
  4. Telecommunications Access Program provides vouchers for a free adjustable volume phone and specialized phone equipment. Page 22
  5. File of Life information is available to put in your car or on your refrigerator. Page 23
  6. Money Smart KC website and Affordable Living Tips on Page 27
  7. Outreach Nurses from the health department can visit and evaluate your needs. Page 30
  8. Know the questions to ask Home Care Agencies and Home Health Aides Pages 32 & 34
  9. Protect yourself and your money from elder abuse. Page 36
  10. Find Home Repair and Weatherization programs. Pages 38-39
  11. Do your advance care planning and see Kansas Legal Services topics online. Pages 44-45
  12. Get help moving, packing, organizing, and take the steps to fall-proof your home. Pages 61-62
  13. Find a support group for insight and ideas from people facing similar challenges. Page 69
  14. Consider an Emergency Alert System to call for help when needed? Page 22
  15. Find a phone buddy or Telephone Reassurance provider to check on your well being. Page 72
  16. Take a Driver Safety class or sign up for a transportation program. Pages 74-76

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