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County Officials

Office of the Chairman
As Johnson County’s Chief Elected Official, the Chairman is responsible for ensuring that all laws, policies, and regulations applicable to the operation of Johnson County Government are faithfully enforced. Specific duties include presiding over the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners meetings, collaborating with community leaders and serving as the official representative of the Johnson County Government.

In addition to the Chairman, who is elected every four years at large by the entire County, six commissioners are elected from individual districts as equal in size and population as possible, for staggered four-year terms. The Board of County Commissioners is the legislative branch of Johnson County Government, and represents the County’s interests at local, state, regional and national levels.

Chief Counsel
The Chief Counsel and a team of attorneys and legal support specialists represent Johnson County and its officials in all lawsuits and administrative hearings. The Chief Counsel and legal team also draft and review resolutions, contracts, bonds and other written instruments, as well as provide advice and render legal opinions upon request to the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager and other county officials.

Clerk of the Board
The Clerk is the clerical officer of the governing body and attends to duties necessary to ensure its proper functioning.  Duties include providing public notice of forthcoming issues, preparing and publishing agendas, minutes and documentation for all Board of County Commissioner meetings, and certifying the passage of all acts, orders, and judgments made by authority of the Board of County Commissioners.

Clerk of the Courts
The Clerk of the Courts provides the public access to court records, marriage licenses, and handles various types of court cases through its different divisions. These include civil, criminal, domestic violence, juvenile, probate, small claims and traffic.

County Auditor
The Audit Services Division functions as an objective evaluator of the effectiveness of all Johnson County activities, operations, services and programs, ensuring compliance with the Board of County Commissioners’ policies, federal regulations, and state statutes. The Auditor’s office maintains organizational and operational independence from all other departments of the County and reports directly to the Governing Body.

County Appraiser
The County Appraiser maintains the valuation and records for approximately 211,000 parcels of land in Johnson County. The Appraiser’s office sends every Johnson County real estate or personal property tax owner an annual notice of value statement.

County Manager
The County Manager is the chief administrative officer of Johnson County Government and, in that capacity, is responsible for the daily administrative functions. The County Manager is assisted by a Deputy Manager and two Assistant Managers, and reports and makes recommendations to the Commission on all matters concerning the welfare of Johnson County government.

District Attorney
Johnson County’s District Attorney is an elected official, and D.A.’s specialized units focus on specific prosecution areas, including: drugs, domestic violence, sex crimes, child abuse, economic crime, mental commitments, violation of check laws and traffic. In addition, the office handles a broad range of other crimes including theft, burglary, robbery, assault and battery, and kidnapping.

District Court Judges
Johnson County District Court is the 10th Judicial District of Kansas. The District Court Judges have general original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, including divorce and domestic relations, damage suits, probate and administration of estates, guardianships, conservatorships, care of the mentally ill, juvenile matters, and small claims.

Election Commissioner
Appointed by the Kansas Secretary of State, the Election Commissioner is responsible for overseeing all elections and voter administration for Johnson County.

The Johnson County Sheriff is an elected official and serves a four year term. With a full range of public safety duties including two Adult Detention Centers, Road Patrol, Communications, Investigations, Warrants, Civil Division, Courthouse Security, a Criminalistics Lab and many other sections, the Sheriff's Office is able to provide quality law enforcement to the citizens of Johnson County.