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Developmental Supports

Mark D. Elmore Center

10501 Lackman Road, Lenexa, KS 66219

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For Businesses and Employers

JCDS has been helping men and women become valuable employees since 1972.

We provide an array of options for employers in the Johnson County and the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area and links businesses to qualified employees.

Our consultants will assist in reducing your hiring costs by putting the right person in the right job.

  • Our community development team will consult with you to see what you need.
  • We match your needs with interested and qualified candidates.
  • We provide on-site training to ensure that the employee is able to fully master the requirements of their job.

The right person is reliable, low rate of absenteeism, skills match what you need, dedicated, excellent safety record, accept authority and are accepted by the public.

The vast numbers of employers who hire individuals with developmental disabilities rate these employees favorably.  They are productive, dedicated and responsible employees who want to succeed and excel in their jobs. They have a positive effect on the business that hires them.

 Hiring workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities is not a charitable act…it’s just good business.   

JCDS also provides contract labor that can be completed at your business site. 

  • The work crew operates at your facility and accompanied by one of our supervisors.
  • The supervisor trains and oversees the work.
  • Payroll/benefits are handled by JCDS.
  • You have control over your inventory.

This provides a cost-efficient way to get your work done, without increasing your current workforce.   Once JCDS workers learn the job, many companies hire those workers. You will never be caught short-staffed when you contract for workers from JCDS.

What business are saying

“Through our partnerships with JCDS, we have had the privilege to meet Frank. Frank has worked for us for over a year, and has become an important member of our staff. He has a strong work ethic, and takes pride in doing his job well. He is a joy to have around the office, and his positive attitude rubs off on his coworkers. We look forward to continuing to work with Frank, and if an additional opportunity comes up to add staff, we will certainly look to JCDS for support.”

Brad Likens
Best Service Stores

“Patsy brings such a positive energy into our building. She is a true joy to work with and brings such happiness to the other employees. Patsy makes us smile!”

Jennifer Daughtery
Operations Manager

“Every citizen has a place in the working community. Finding a good fit for special needs employees isn’t a gift of charity, it’s a logical tool in an increasingly competitive world.
Our JCDS team members deliver dependable, quality work that makes our company more profitable and they touch our hearts every day with their enthusiasm for life. Rarely does a business have an opportunity to give back to the community and make a profit in the process. JCDS has helped us create just such an environment to the benefit of our entire staff and firm.”

Rob Wheeler

“Working with Matt has been a wonderful experience. He is always smiling and energetic. He brightens the day of all our guests and staff.”

Kurt M. Torrez
General Manager
Jose Pepper’s 10315 Metcalf


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