Residential Services

JCDS offers a variety of residential services and supports to adults with intellectual and  developmental disabilities that are designed around the specific needs of each person. Whether “home” means living in a house or an apartment, living alone or with others, JCDS is dedicated to providing supports in a manner that encourages and promotes greater independence.

People Receiving Residential Services

Professionally trained staff support individuals in making good choices, be contributing members of their community and pursuing their passions. Services and supports range from 24-hour supports to drop-in services. Individuals receiving residential services and supports lease their own home or apartment in Johnson County. JCDS nursing staff are on call 24 hours a day to oversee the health and well-being of those we support. In addition, JCDS Residential Team Leaders are also on call 24 hours a day to provide program oversight and ongoing coaching and training of staff.  

Getting Started

To participate in any of the services or programs that are available at JCDS, one must first be determined eligible through the CDDO. Visit the CDDO to learn more about this process. Every service listed in the JCDS service pages, as well as every private provider for developmental services in the Johnson County area, require CDDO eligibility to participate.

Visit the CDDO

After determining eligibility, you will meet with the CDDO to select service providers. If you wish to receive residential services from JCDS, you will select JCDS as a residential service provider. Not all services listed may be currently accepting new referrals. JCDS residential services are but one of many options; there are many other providers in our area that provide residential services to people with IDD. 

Single Family Dwellings

Residential services and supports are available 24 hours a day in the individual’s home or apartment. Between three and five individuals live together and each person (or their guardian) signs and maintains their own individual lease. Professionally trained staff collaborate with the individual, their Case Manager, and others to develop supports that are individualized and reflect the individual’s preferences and support needs. Support services focus on maximizing independence and vary. Based on the needs of the individual these could include:  

front elevation of craftsman home
  • Maintain their own home or apartment
  • Access activities
  • Ensure health and safety needs are met
  • Appointments
  • Transportation
  • Medication Administration
  • Menu planning and cooking
  • Maintain a budget or finances
  • Personal care
  • Independent Living

This service is available for individuals who do not require 24-hour support and are provided on a drop-in or as-needed basis. Supports are individualized and focused on helping people live independently, which could vary from helping with shopping, maintaining a budget, menu planning and cooking safely, and coordination of appointments and activities.  

Friends of JCDS

Friends of JCDS logo

Friends of JCDS is a nonprofit organization that partners with JCDS to assist individuals served by JCDS with living, working and engaging in the community. Friends addresses the special needs, specifically the affordable and accessible housing issues that individuals with IDD face.

Friends provides a Special Assistance Fund that fulfills critical needs and expenses of those individuals served by JCDS. This includes assistance with dental expenses, therapies, basic needs and other emergency funding.

Visit Friends of JCDS