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Volunteer Bob Steffes Explaining Process

Papercrete Works long-time volunteer Bob Steffes has had an incredible impact on the program.

Since 1972, volunteers have played a major role in helping JCDS accomplish its important mission. We want our volunteer program to provide a constructive and meaningful experience that meets the needs of the volunteers, the people we serve and JCDS staff.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are available?

The volunteer possibilities with JCDS are endless!  One could help with special events, serving on a committee, fundraising, performing computer/clerical duties, providing cooking lessons, performances, presentations, and more!

Who can volunteer?

Through JCDS, enthusiastic individuals, families and groups can pick one or more volunteer opportunities that meet their personal goals and interests for volunteering. If you are under 16 years old, you must be accompanied by an adult.

Why should I volunteer?

BECAUSE WE NEED YOU! We need your skills, your energy, and your caring to enrich the services JCDS provides. Volunteering offers opportunities to meet new people, allows the exploration of new career opportunities, develops individual creativity, provides the reward of helping others...and it’s FUN!

Grassroots Advocacy

The legislative process plays a critical role in establishing how funding is allocated for developmental disability services. Because the majority of dollars used to support people with disabilities comes directly from state and federal sources, advocates for persons with disabilities need to be aware of how they can influence decisions made at the state and federal levels.

In its role as CDDO for Johnson County, JCDS plays a big part in initiating grassroots efforts at the local level. Legislative forums, organized grassroots events, trips to Topeka, and opportunities to meet and educate members of Johnson County’s delegation in the Kansas House and Senate are offered randomly throughout the year by JCDS officials.

You can visit the Johnson County Election office’s website for more information about upcoming elections, to find out who your elected officials are, and biographical information about them.

Friends of JCDS

Friends of JCDS logo

The Friends of JCDS started in 1990 for the purpose of promoting and helping the people and programs of Johnson County Developmental Supports (JCDS). Friends is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c) (3) charitable organization funded by ongoing support from the community. They have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Visit Friends of JCDS

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