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County Manager's Office

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county manager's office

The County Manager's Office is responsible to the Board of County Commissioners and the residents of Johnson County for the effective and efficient delivery of programs and services, using sound management and financial principles while emphasizing high ethical values, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Department News

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JoCo on the Go: Trash-to-treasure, getting rid of your household hazardous waste
June 3, 2021

On JoCo on the Go, episode #93, hear from Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s Brandon Hearn, an environmental specialist, who talks about the county’s household hazardous waste program. He’ll describe the chemicals that are considered hazardous and how you can safely dispose of them for free. Also learn about the county’s FreeStore, where you can pick up perfectly good items, such as cleaners, and reuse them in your home. And learn about DHE’s paint recycling program where you can get a variety of shades of paint in 5-gallon buckets at a reduced cost to help you finish those lingering home-improvement projects.

Look for JoCo on the Go where you regularly listen to podcasts. Learn more about JoCo on the Go and get a complete transcript of this episode.

PPE available to local organizations by request
June 2, 2021

In an effort to further develop contingencies for ongoing and additional supply chain disruptions, Johnson County is assisting businesses and organizations in establishing their own 90-day PPE reserve. 
The following items may now be requested through this online form in 90-day quantities:

  • N95 Respirators (public safety and health care providers only)
  • Face masks (KN95 and 3-layer)
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Gowns (disposable and reusable)
  • Face shields
  • Surface disinfectant spray
  • Hand sanitizer bottles (8-16oz)
  • Hand sanitizer refills

Please know all supplies will need to be picked up by the receiving organization. The specifics on how and when to pick up supplies will be provided after each request is reviewed and approved. This offering will only be available for the next few weeks.

Household Hazardous Waste contract extended
June 1, 2021

On Thursday, May 27, the Board of County Commissioners voted to extend the hazardous waste contract with Heritage Environmental Services, for the next three years.

Heritage collects and transports all of the hazardous materials that are collected at the Johnson County Household Hazardous Waste facility. This includes poisons, acids and bases, flammable liquids and other hazardous chemicals - even those that have been banned for decades, including DDT, that are dropped off by Johnson County residents.

Since 1993, Johnson County Government has operated a household hazardous waste facility where Johnson County residents can safely dispose of their unwanted paint, yard chemicals, household cleaners, aerosol cans and other household chemicals.

Since it opened, the Johnson County HHW facility has collected more than 12 million pounds of waste from more than 200,000 Johnson County residents. In 2019 alone, Johnson County residents dropped off nearly 200,000 pounds of hazardous waste, which was transported for safe disposal by Heritage Environmental Services.

The HHW facility also collected 10,000 gallons of latex paint, which was recycled on site. The facility reused 113,000 pounds of materials through the FreeStore. The FreeStore allows Johnson County residents to take usable items that have been dropped off by other residents.

Learn more about the household hazardous waste program.

JoCo on the Go: Vaccinating young adults
May 28, 2021

On JoCo on the Go, episode #92, hear the personal stories of young adults who have been vaccinated. They talk about family tragedy, their own COVID-19 illness, life during the pandemic and the relief they felt from becoming vaccinated. The young adults are Johnson County Department of Health and Environment epidemiologists, speaking from personal experience and expertise in helping end the pandemic. You’ll also hear from Johnson County Community College Emergency Management Director Alisa Pacer. She’ll talk about the work the college is doing to increase opportunities for students to get vaccinated. 

Look for JoCo on the Go where you regularly listen to podcasts. Learn more about JoCo on the Go and get a complete transcript of this episode.

BOCC May update
May 28, 2021

Here are highlights of the Board of County Commissioners’ actions and activities in May 2021. More information including official minutes, votes and videos on all items is available at boccmeetings.jocogov.org. The board took the following actions:

  • Conducted a public hearing to authorize funds for the Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements pre-design phase services in an amount not to exceed $16,085,000.
  • Appointed Michael Eglinski as interim auditor effective June 1, 2021 and hired a national search firm to recruit for the position of county auditor.
  • Authorized funds to build a new website for the Johnson County Election Office. 
  • Approved two new Johnson County Developmental Supports FTE Employment Specialist positions for job development and placement for adults with IDD seeking integrated, competitive employment.
  • Announced that beginning June 3, members of the public can sign up the day of the meeting by 9:20 to make public comments in person at the BOCC business session.
Free rides to access COVID-19 vaccines
May 26, 2021

Are transportation issues holding you back from getting your COVID-19 vaccinations? There's now a quick and easy solution at your fingertips. Uber and Lyft will provide free transportation (with a cap) to and from vaccination clinics! More information is available here for Uber and here for Lyft.

Wondering when, where and how to get a vaccine? Check out your options here.