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County Manager's Office

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county manager's office

The County Manager's Office is responsible to the Board of County Commissioners and the residents of Johnson County for the effective and efficient delivery of programs and services, using sound management and financial principles while emphasizing high ethical values, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Department News

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Vaccine distribution for next week in Johnson County
April 9, 2021

This week, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) expanded hours for COVID-19 vaccinations.

In the upcoming week, JCDHE will continue vaccinating all those in Phases 1-5 at the Lenexa vaccination site. Appointments will be 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday (April 13-15), and 9 a.m. – noon, on Saturday (April 17).

JCDHE data show that 37% of the eligible population (ages 16 and older) in Johnson County has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 21% of the eligible Johnson County population is fully immunized. Next week, JCDHE expects to receive 18,840 first doses of the vaccine.

Read additional details about next week's vaccination plan.

Olathe Motor Vehicle Office reopens to the public, following COVID-19-related temporary closure
April 9, 2021

Johnson County’s Olathe Motor Vehicle Office, located at 782 N. Ridgeview Road, Olathe, will reopen to the public beginning Monday, April 12, in a limited capacity. The office will resume regular business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office was closed this week due to staffing shortages after multiple staff members were impacted by COVID-19. No customers are believed to have been directly exposed. Deep cleaning and disinfection have been done in an abundance of caution.

Read the full news release here.

Board of County Commissioners update
April 9, 2021

The Board of County Commissioners resumed meeting in the Hearing Room on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 9:30 am. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, physical distancing will be observed in the Hearing Room, with limited seating in the adjacent lobby with audio available. A live broadcast will still be available at boccmeetings.jocogov.org and on Facebook Live

Public comments are being accepted for those who preregister.  Live public comments will be accepted either in-person or via Zoom, audio only. Individuals wishing to speak in-person or via Zoom may register by completing the registration form link at https://boccmeetings.jocogov.org/onbaseagendaonline. Registration opens Tuesday afternoon/evening (coincides with publishing the agenda) and closes at noon (12:00 p.m.) on the Wednesday before the Thursday meeting. If you complete the registration, you will receive an email notice later in the day on Wednesday regarding the status of your registration. Instructions on joining and speaking at the meeting via Zoom will be included in the email notice for individuals who register to speak via Zoom. 
Individuals registering to speak in person at the meeting will receive email confirmation of their registration. The BOCC has established a limit of 50 speakers for general public comments or for a specific agenda item. If more than 50 individuals register, the 50 speakers will be determined by a random process. Speakers will be limited to 2 minutes each.  Speakers who have registered to speak via Zoom will be called upon to speak first, followed by speakers who have registered to speak in person.  Registered speakers using Zoom will be called upon to speak in the order in which they signed up. Speakers who have registered for in person public comment will be admitted into the Hearing Room in the order specified by the Deputy Clerk.  The Chairman may modify these procedures as needed to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting.

If you would like to make a WRITTEN public comment for the meeting, please use this link, WRITTEN Public Comments and complete the form. Written comments received by noon Wednesday will be shared with the entire Board prior to the meeting. Written comments will not be read into the record during the meeting. If you are unable to use this internet link, you may call the following number, and we will record your information. (913) 715-0424.

Persons who may need assistance, the use of a sign language or oral interpreter, or who require special accommodations, should contact us at [email protected] or contact us via the Kansas Relay Operator at 800-766-3777, or by phone at (913) 715-0430 at least two (2) business days prior to the meeting.

The Board of County Commissioners proclaimed April 11-17, 2021 as National Public Safety Telecommunications Week.

BOCC actions for April 8, 2021

  • Approved the appointment of Andrew Neenan - Third District Representative of the Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee through March 31, 2024.  
  • Authorized a Special Permit for Johnson County Park and Recreation District, applicant and landowner, for an existing horse boarding facility and show arena (White Fox Manor) for the park and recreation use, on 14 acres, on property zoned RUR, Rural District, located at 17065 Lackman Road.
  • Approved a request from Dale Brouk and LL North, LLC, applicant and landowner, for rezoning 15 acres from Rural District (RUR) to Planned Residential Neighborhood 2 District (PRN-2) and a Preliminary Development Plan, which shall serve as the preliminary plat for six residential lots to be known as Stonehaven at Loch Lloyd, located at the southeast corner of 167th Street and Kenneth Road. 
  • Approved a request from Johnson County Topsoil, applicant, and Wolf Creek Meadows Investors, LLC landowner, for a Conditional Use Permit, to conduct a topsoil removal, processing, sales, and reclamation operation, on 127 acres, zoned RUR, Rural, located at the southeast corner of 191st Street and Woodland Road. 
  • Approved a request from Harold Phelps, Phelps Engineering, applicant, and John Meyers, Jr., Landowner for Final Plat approval for 13 residential lots on approximately 47 acres to be known as Sycamore Springs Estates, Third Plat, in Section 25, Township 14, Range 23. Located northwest of the intersection of W 183rd Street and S Ridgeview Road 
  • Approved a request from Phelps Engineering, Inc., applicant, and Jim and Nancy E. Hall, landowners, for Preliminary and Final Plat approval and two waivers, for two residential lots on 11 acres, to be known as Hall Acres, on property zoned RLD, Residential Low Density District, located at 17085 Kenneth Road, in Section 23, Township 14, Range 25. 
  • Increased the spending authorization of the current cooperative contract with Central Salt LLC, in an amount not to exceed $200,000, for rock salt, per City of Overland Park cooperative bid. 
  • Authorized a onetime increase in expenditure authority to the Airport’s professional on-call engineering services contract with Burns & McDonnell from the annual amount of $600,000 to an increased amount of $1,050,000 for a total not to exceed annual contract amount of $450,000 through 12-31-21, RFP 2016-071.

Legislative update, Maury Thompson, Deputy County Manager

The Kansas Legislature reconvened on Tuesday and conference committees will meet through Friday. You can view information on bills we are monitoring in this report.

COVID-19 Funding and Expense Report and CRF Phase One and Phase Three Reimbursement, Maury Thompson, Deputy County Manager

The weekly COVID-19 Operating Report, detailing COVID-19 specific expenditures and funding received is available here. To date the organization has identified $129,833,075.18 in costs which are eligible for CARES act reimbursement and received $154,859,503.83 in federal funds.  

COVID-19 update, Dr. Sanmi Areola, Director and Elizabeth Holzschuh, Director of Epidemiology

Hours at the Lenexa vaccine clinic have been expanded to 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday), plus a Saturday clinic from 8:30 to 12:30. Today’s report included the latest data on vaccinations given, case trends and other key metrics.  Read the full report.

The Board held a Committee of the Whole on the Countywide Housing Study. That presentation is available here.

Items currently on the agenda for the April 15 meeting

  • Consider authorizing a contract with Facility Solutions Group, to perform lighting upgrades for multiple County buildings as part of the Energy Retrofit program in an amount not to exceed $337,237.
  • Consider adopting Resolution No. 015-21 authorizing and approving certain airport improvements in the amount of $6,500,000; authorizing the issuance of general obligation bonds to pay for these improvements plus costs of issuance and other related financing costs as authorized by K.S.A. 3-301 et. seq.; and authorizing the publication of notice of intent to issue general obligation internal improvement bonds in an amount not to exceed $6,500,000 in the official County newspaper. 
  • Consider authorizing contract change order authority with Infrastructure Solutions, LLC for pavement repair work in Mission Road under the Dykes Branch Force Main Replacement Project in an amount not to exceed $400,000, and authorizing the Wastewater General Manager to sign change orders up to $400,000 in total, including any project change orders over $100,000, for pavement restoration work.
    Items currently on the agenda for the April 16 Special Building Commission meeting:
  • Consider approving a sixth amendment to the JE Dunn Construction Design/Build contract to move a portion of existing owner’s budgeted contingency dollars in the amount of $500,000, funding additional cooling tower screening, exterior window treatments, security screening modifications, and unanticipated costs, for the new Johnson County Courthouse the total amount not to exceed $178,586,810, per Request for Proposal (RFP) 2017-004.
Tomahawk Creek Wastewater project continues on time, on budget
April 8, 2021

Groundbreaking for the expansion of Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility occurred in April 2018.

Despite challenges over three years, including soil conditions, extreme wet weather and the pandemic, the project is on time and on budget.

The structural concrete, masonry and brick veneers are essentially finished. Equipment installation is underway, including items such as pumps, 10-foot diameter disk filters and centrifuges. The contractor is working through functional startups of completed buildings and processes to verify everything performs as intended.

Later this year, the team plans to commission the facility and begin treating flow. This process will involve introducing wastewater over several weeks, operating the mechanical equipment and building up the right biology needed for treatment. Once it has been confirmed that the water quality requirements required by the state are met, the reclaimed water will be discharged to Indian Creek. Final completion of the project will be in 2022.

For more information and details about the project, visit jcwtomahawk.com.

2021 dust control cost share program
April 7, 2021

Johnson County still has about 135 miles of gravel roads. One of the issues that comes with living on a gravel road is dealing with the dust created by traffic. The dust gets in the air, on your vehicle, in your house, and it can be a nuisance. To help with this issue, the Board of County Commissioners approved a dust control cost sharing program in 2020. In the program, a product is sprayed onto the gravel road in front of your home to help reduce the dust. The road will still look like a gravel road, but the dust created by traffic is significantly reduced.

As part of the dust control program, the county will pay for half of the cost to apply the product with the resident paying the other half. To be eligible for this program, residents must be living on a gravel road in the unincorporated area of Johnson County. The program will cover a 400-foot treatment area in front of your home.

Application of the treatment is planned for June, depending on the weather and demand for the program. There are no guarantees as to the effectiveness and longevity of the dust control treatment. It is hoped that it will last the dry summer months. Annual reapplication is recommended.

View for more information on the dust control cost share program.

JCDHE director provides COVID-19 disease and vaccine update
April 6, 2021

On Tuesday, April 6, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Director Dr. Sanmi Areola provided a written COVID-19 disease and vaccine update to the Board of County Commissioners.

Highlights from the update include:

  • There were 208 new infections last week. Down from 230 the week prior. This translates to an average of 30 new infections per day.
  • The primary measure/criteria for schools is the incidence rate. Our recommended phase is the Yellow Zone.
  • COVID-19 testing remains available throughout the county, through JCDHE and state-sponsored locations. See further below in this email for additional details.
  • Johnson County is currently serving Phases 1-5 of the state's vaccination plan. Those who live/work in Johnson County, who are 16+ can complete the all-phases interest survey to receive a vaccine.

All vaccination appointments will be now be at the Lenexa site.