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Archive: Audit Reports


Management of IT (Hardware) Resources
Our audit identified opportunities for the County to manage information technology (IT) hardware and resources more efficiently and effectively. Further, it recommended the County adopt an IT governance structure to ensure investments in IT are aligned with the County's strategic objectives.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Assurance (ARRA) Audit
Our audit concluded ARRA funds were generally managed properly with some exceptions.

Johnson County Transit Cash Controls
Our audit reviewed cash handling and revenue collection practices and found they lacked sufficient controls to reduce the risks of fraud, theft and loss of cash assets and bus pass inventory. We also found JCT Management could make improvements in the efficiency of revenue collection and cash deposit practices.


Emergency Management and Homeland Security Transition
The Johnson County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMM) department needs improvement in oversight of expenses and use of resources. Additionally, the department needs proper administrative management of grants, payroll, accounting, purchasing and reporting. Management improvement and department consolidation would improve efficiency and save County Resources.

Fee for Services Activities
The County's fee setting process varies among departments/agenices. Typically, County departments and agencies did not know the cost associated with deliverying County services. Fees should be based on full cost of providing services and deviations from full cost should be fully justified and documented. Our audit made recommendations to improve the fee setting process.

Tax Accounting for Take-home Vehicles
Our audit report made recommendations that will strengthen the County's Take Home Vehicle Program.

Johnson County Central Resource Library Server Room
This report identifies a lack of general maintenance and upkeep of the Central Resource Library Server Room and adherence to the 2005 National Electric Code requirement for adequate clearance in and around major electrical equipment and enclosures.

Aging Information & Action of Johnson County
Our audit report identifies concerns regarding the relationship existing between Johnson County Human Services and the Aging Information & Action of Johnson County, Inc., and suggests an examination of current business practices.

Key Security Systems Enhancements
This report recommends improved security for cash management hardware, identification of key computer related staff positions within the County, and additional disclosure and management oversight of those positions.

County Auditor's Annual Report 2011
We provide the BOCC, through oversight and review of County programs and performance, assurance that county services are provided the most cost effective and efficient way, and that government is accountable in its stewardship of the public trust. We seek to accomplish our mission by evaluating department and program performance and identifying recommendations to assist the activities of the County to be more efficient and effective.

Purchasing Procedure Changes
Our audit report suggests improvements in purchasing procedures and recommends Board of County Commissioners approval of the current banking services contract.

Treasury & Financial Management Internal Control Review
This report identifies internal control improvements especially as the financial controls are identified and integrated in the County's Oracle system. The report recommends Treasury-Financial Management analyze and identify areas of internal control segregation of duties issues, document the results and solutions, and have the solutions integrated in the County's Oracle system.


Johnson County Grant Management Review
Our audit showed the Grants Management in the County needed improvement in recording, tracking, and management of grants within the departments. Additional improvements were needed in the oversight of all County grants.

Audit of Fleet Maintenance Activities
Our audit disclosed opportunities for Johnson County to organize and perform fleet maintenance functions more efficiently and effectively.

Johnson County Park & Recreation Mgmt Review
Our audit showed Johnson County Parks and Recreation District needed management controls to ensure consistent and efficient decision making.