Stormwater Management

Stormwater grate with water flowing in

In 1990, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 38-90 which implemented the tax and created the Stormwater Management Program (SMP). The Stormwater Management Program administers the funds collected through this tax on behalf of the cities and provides other types of stormwater planning assistance within Johnson County. To-date the SMP has helped cities fund over $200 million of stormwater improvement projects with Johnson County cities.

Role of the Stormwater Management Program

  • Provide funding for study, design and construction of stormwater improvements in Johnson County communities
  • Update and maintain Countywide floodplain mapping
  • Manage grant funded projects intended to mitigate flooding conditions and improve the water quality of stormwater runoff
  • Provide technical support to the cities on stormwater management related issues
  • Provide public education and outreach associated with stormwater management
  • Coordinate and collaborate with communities, counties and local, regional, state and federal agencies in the Kansas City Metropolitan region on stormwater management related issues
  • Provide the level of service and standard of care Johnson County property and business owners expect and deserve


Who Does What In Stormwater Management?
The Johnson County Stormwater Management Program partners with Johnson County cities to fund the planning, design and construction of projects to alleviate flooding and improve water quality issues from the broad countywide level of the watershed. If you feel you have a flooding condition or a water quality issue in your neighborhood or know of one in your community, please contact your city.

The real “front line” of stormwater management occurs at the city level, where staff and the public interact to make the choices that best serve their community.

Cities manage localized flooding, erosion and water quality issues. City staff and elected officials determine projects needed in their communities.

The SMP provides cities with funding for eligible projects, using a countywide sales tax.