Funding and Budget

Since the Kansas Legislature approved a 1/10th of one percent sales tax for the purpose of funding stormwater management efforts, Johnson County 's Stormwater Management Program (SMP) has provided 75 percent of funding for eligible projects in cities.

Dedicated Sales Tax

To date, nearly $200 million of stormwater study, design and construction projects have been, or are currently being completed through the SMP and the cities.

For the 200-plus projects, approximately $150 million has been paid for by the 1/10th of one percent sales tax. On average, SMP spends more than 90 percent of the total budget annually to study, design and construct stormwater projects and to fund county and regional stormwater quantity and quality related projects.

Improvements include widening open channels and replacing culverts and bridges, protecting the natural stream corridor and enhancing water quality.

Annual Budget

Program expenditures as approved by the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners: