Public Works Projects

Suppliers may learn of projects for bid opportunities with Johnson County's Bids/RFP portal (IonWave).

Potential vendors must register (free of charge) and indicate commodities of interest to receive and respond to formal solicitations electronically.

Future Project Highlight

Long Range Safety Improvement Projects
Public Works’ long-range vision to improve traffic safety is to construct road safety improvements, focusing on our major connecting corridors such as 199th Street in the Edgerton/Spring Hill area and Mission Road next to Overland Park. These projects are generally modest safety enhancements consisting of shoulders, drainage improvements, and clearing obstacles next to the road. The map below shows the location of these projects and others planned by the unincorporated Johnson County. The informational guide explains safety improvements further.

Mission Road
Mission Road, south of the Blue River, is an unengineered and unimproved road. Growth and traffic continue to increase in unincorporated Johnson County and in particular in the area of Mission Road. Safety improvements are needed starting at the Blue River bridge and continuing south to 199th Street.  The Mission Road Improvements helps to explain the intention and timing of future improvements along the Mission Road corridor.