Voluntary Home Buyout Program

The goal of the Voluntary Home Buyout Program is to prevent future flood damages and make Johnson County more resilient by proactively purchasing and removing homes from the floodplain or known flooding areas.

The Need for Home Buyouts

Today, development is restricted in the floodplain. However, many areas of Johnson County were developed before the knowledge and tools to identify and restrict development in the floodplain existed. Additionally, numerous homes not located in the floodplain are at risk of flooding due to past inadequate or non-existent standards. Any large rain event could result in costly flood damages for these homeowners.

Buyouts can be used to prevent future flood damages when structural projects, such as channel modification or detention basins, are not feasible or cost effective. The Stormwater Management Program’s (SMP) Voluntary Home Buyout Program was developed to proactively purchase flood-prone homes when a homeowner is willing to sell, and the city is involved/supportive of the purchase.

Program Overview

The Voluntary Home Buyout Program works as a partnership between Johnson County cities and the SMP to purchase flood-prone homes in Johnson County. The SMP will accept applications from cities throughout the year and will fund eligible buyouts until the year’s funding is allocated. The program provides a 50/50 county/city cost-share for the purchase of the home.

Residential property must meet ONE of the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Building is located within a defined floodplain
  • Building has a documented history of flooding
  • Building is predicted to flood by modeling
Chart outlining the three steps in determining if a home buyout project is needed

Purchased homes are demolished and the land is restored. Development will be restricted within the floodplain boundaries, allowing the property to reduce stormwater runoff.


If you have questions about the program, please contact the Stormwater Management Program staff at pwk-stormwater@jocogov.org or by calling 913-715-8300.