EMS Standby Request

Johnson County MED-ACT provides Emergency Medical Services to over 600,000 citizens and community members residing within Johnson County, Kansas.  MED-ACT is an Advanced Life Support Service that employs certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics under the direction of the Johnson County EMS System Medical Director.  MED-ACT personnel are specially trained and equipped to provide emergency medical services in the out-of-hospital setting for the sick and injured.  MED-ACT resources are strategically deployed to ensure MED-ACT’s prompt response to 9-1-1 requests for out-of-hospital medical emergencies. MED-ACT may pre-assign personnel to certain events due to the specific circumstances of the event to aid in response within Johnson County.   These events must meet a specific criterion or receive approval by the EMS Chief or Designee.  All event requests shall be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event.

An event must meet at least one of the following criterion for MED-ACT to provide dedicated resources or be approved by the EMS Chief or Designee:  

  1. The event is a city or county-sponsored event.
  2. Anticipated participant numbers exceed 500 persons and/or attendee numbers exceed 2000 persons
  3. Event Insurance Requires a certified EMT or Paramedic dedicated to the event throughout its operation (an insurance certificate must be attached to the request).
  4. The event requires the collaborative response of multiple agencies and public safety disciplines and poses specific EMS access or egress issues.

The event coordinator or requestor for an EMS Standby will be required to provide the associated fees prior to the event date.  Johnson County MED-ACT charges a fee of $70 per hour when providing a dedicated resource to a specific event.  The fee aids in offsetting personnel and equipment costs utilized for the standby.  There is an additional $70.00 charge for each person for administrative and deployment fees.  There is a minimum fee of $280 for an event lasting less than three hours.  

If your event meets the above criteria, please complete the form below and a member of our staff will contact you.  Additional questions may be directed to the MED-ACT Administrative Offices at 913-715-1950.