Family Self-Sufficiency Program

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Are you interested in... 

Improving or acquiring new job skills?

Becoming financially independent? 

Consistently saving money? 

Purchasing your own home?

If you are an HCV Program participant and answered YES to one or more of these questions, the JCHA Family Self-Sufficiency Program may be just what you are looking for!

Frequent Questions

Who can participate?

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary program for participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Its purpose is to assist families in improving their economic situation and reduce their dependence on public assistance.

The FSS Program is for those who are unemployed or already employed but want to increase their income, and who are willing to set and achieve goals.

How does FSS work?

Each FSS participant creates a five-year plan that includes employment goals and identifies training or educational needs. FSS staff will work with the household to identify, locate, and arrange for the services they need to accomplish their goals.

What type of services might be identified?

Services might include childcare, education, transportation, personal development, resume building, job training, and job placement. As FSS participants succeed in raising their family income, the portion of their monthly income contributed toward their rent also increases.

HUD regulations allow a percentage of this rent increase to be deposited into an interest bearing escrow account for the family. If the family meets its goals within five years and meets their rent obligation without the use of any housing subsidy for a period of twelve consecutive months, they will receive the funds accumulated in this account. This is a great incentive for those new in the work force and for those ready to reach goals set early in life. Many participants use this escrow as a down payment in purchasing a home or to start their own business.

Is there a contract?

Each participant will enter into a five-year contract. The contract will consist of the household goals and objectives toward family self-sufficiency.

Contact your current Occupancy Specialist, or Courtney Collins FSS Coordinator, to learn more.