For Renters

Important COVID-19 Update

Income change reports are being accepted in person. Refer to signage at front door for location and directions. Elevated measures to protect your health and safety, as well as our own, during the COVID-19 pandemic remain in effect. Review this information before stopping by the Housing Services.

Renters Toolkit

Things renters should know

  • Research area (location, schools, shopping, noise level, safety etc.)
  • Discuss pets early
  • Check out appliances
  • Check water pressure
  • Find out if your lease contains a release date
  • Make sure everything is done (fixed/concerns addressed) before you sign a lease
  • Conduct a thorough inventory of unit
  • Find out how much money you will need to pay in advance
  • Know the dates rents is due and paid to whom
  • Find out how rent increases work

Documents you will need

  • Pay stubs
  • Social security card
  • Proof of renters insurance
  • Bank statements
  • Current state drivers license or state ID or passport
  • Rental history
  • References (if applicable)
  • Job history (displays a timeline of sustainability)
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