Yard Waste and Composting

Recycle Your Lawn

Leave it all on the lawn. Not only do grass clippings and leaves help retain moisture, they also return up to 25% of the nutrients back into the soil. University research recommends that you mulch your leaves and grass clippings using a mulching mower. By "grass-cycling" properly, your lawn will look great and you can save money on fertilizing.

Mulch mowing your lawn

  • Johnson County K-State Research and Extension recommends mowing right over leaves with a mulching mower. Proper mulch mowing of leaves and grass clippings can save you time and help your lawn.
  • Mow your lawn frequently and with up to one inch of fallen leaves at a time. The finely chopped leaves filter into the soil and break down over the winter into compost.
  • Through mulch mowing in the fall, you can incorporate up to six inches of leaves into your lawn without concern.
  • Dumping leaves in the storm drains or near streams can block the flow of water, cause flooding, and contribute to water quality problems. It is illegal to put anything other than clean rainwater down a storm drain.

Yard Waste Drop-Off Locations

Drop off your yard waste at these compositing facilities. No plastic bags allowed. See their websites for more specific details.

Suburban Lawn and Garden
139th and Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO

Waste Management*
I-435 and Holiday Drive, Shawnee, KS

*Waste Management has a permitted composting facility for yard waste within the property of the Johnson County landfill. Yard waste must be separate from trash and in compostable bags.

Missouri Organic Recycling
2701 Roe Lane, Kansas City, KS (I-35 and Roe)
Hours: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday-Saturday

City of Olathe Composting (FOR OLATHE RESIDENTS ONLY)
127th and Hedge Lane, Olathe, KS


Compost in your backyard! Turn your grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps into usable compost. For more great tips and videos check out Johnson County K-State Research and Extension.

Composting: Making Black Gold

Composting Collection Options

Compost Collective KC

KC Can Compost- provide food waste collection for businesses and other commercial entities

Curbside Pickup

Contract with your waste hauler to collect yard waste curbside for composting. View a list of licensed residential haulers.

More Information

Johnson County K-State Research and Extension are your expert resource for lawn and garden information. They can provide fact sheets, videos and a gardening hotline to help you solve all your lawn and garden challenges.