Recycling Centers

Note: Due to concerns about COVID-19, some of these locations may be temporarily closed. We recommend calling before dropping off.

Overland Park Recycling Drop-off Center
11921 Hardy (Just off 119th between Metcalf and Antioch)

Olathe Public Works Facility Drop-off Center
1100 Hedge Lane (at the Olathe Composting Facility)
Monday through Saturday 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

East Olathe Recycling Drop-off - ONLY CARDBOARD AND GLASS
2000 E. Santa Fe in the At Home parking lot

West Olathe Recycling Drop-off - ONLY CARDBOARD AND GLASS
Kansas Ave. and Loula St.

Bridging the Gap Recycling Centers
Three recycling centers located in Kansas City, MO (4707 Deramus Avenue, 5200 E. Red Bridge Rd., 5601 NE Pleasant Valley Rd.)

Deffenbaugh Recycling Drop-off Center
I-435 and Holiday Drive at the Landfill entrance logo

The Mid-America Regional Council has a searchable database on their website for finding exactly where to take specific items. This site is for residents, businesses, schools and contractors. It is searchable by material, city or county. It covers the Kansas City metropolitan area, both sides of the state line. Visit RecycleSpot.