Recycling in the Classroom

Trashology 101: Waste Reduction for Grades 3-5

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Trashology 101 is a curriculum on waste management, targeted to students in grades 3-5 (ages 8-11) and their teachers, families, youth-serving organizations such as scout groups, recreational clubs and faith-based organizations.

Through Trashology 101, young people will learn how they are connected to the environment, how solid waste management impacts the environment, and how they can personally make a positive impact in their school, home and community.

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Is your group or club ready to jump into recycling and learn more about reducing waste? The Environmental Division staff are available to give presentations on a wide range of topics, including waste, resources, recycling, composting and more. We are available to talk to elementary, middle school, high school or college students. Presentation length is flexible, but please allow 30-60 minutes.

Schedule a presentation: Contact Brandon Hearn 913-715-6936

Commercial Assistance Program - Up to $500 in supplies

Schools are eligible for FREE waste consulting services, along with assistance of up to $500 in supplies to support a diversion program, including but not limited to: reduction, recycling and composting. Our staff have worked with many schools to start programs from scratch, or expand on current efforts. We have a variety of resources and lessons learned from other schools that can be shared with you.

Each school must complete a waste assessment by Johnson County staff prior to requesting assistance. Partners will submit an application and each request will be evaluated and approved by staff. Approved assistance will be given on a first come, first serve basis to partners based upon identified needs and recommendations by staff. SIGN UP NOW!

If you would like more information, please contact Trent Thompson 913-715-6938.

Kansas Green Schools

The Kansas Green Schools Program provides educational opportunities for preK-12 schools that increase awareness and understanding of environmental interrelationships that impact public health and our society, and that promote responsible environmental stewardship practices.

Their goal is to foster an appreciation and understanding of air and water quality, climate change, energy, reduction and recycling of solid waste, and wildlife habitat.

Grants are available annually for green projects.


  • Bridging the Gap- offer a wide range of environmental programs and volunteer opportunities.
  • Crayola ColorCycle- a marker recycling program that will accept markers, dry erase markers or even Sharpies.
  • National Crayon Recycling Program- a crayon recycling program that accepts unwanted, rejected or broken crayons.
  • Terracycle- offer a wide range of recycling options for materials that can't go in your regular recycle bin. This includes items like pens, markers and other school supplies.
  • WaterOne- activities, games and fun for children of all ages on the importance of keeping our water clean.