Child Support and Maintenance

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The Johnson County District Court Trustee's office is responsible for the enforcement of more than 12,000 Johnson County support orders as well as any other court orders referred by another court and have been providing quality services to the citizens of Johnson County for over 45 years.

Support enforcement fees collected by the Johnson County District Court Trustee increased to 3.5% with a monthly cap of $70.00 per month split evenly between the parties effective February 1, 2021. This new fee structure will apply to all new and existing orders for support enforced by the Court Trustee's Office. The Court Trustee may assess the increase equally between the parties.

The past fee structure of 2.5% with a $30.00 cap had been in place since 2014. Unfortunately, the current collections have been insufficient to operate the Court Trustee's office for quite some time requiring the office to meet expenses by depleting reserves accumulated over the preceding twenty years.

The Court Trustee has implemented cost saving measures and increased efficiency but further reductions in reserves seriously jeopardizes the offices ability to continue serving children and families in Johnson County.

Even after the fee change, the Johnson County District Court Trustee's office maintains the second lowest enforcement fee of any jurisdiction in the state and is the only jurisdiction with a cap on monthly fee collections.  The District Court and Court Trustee remain committed to serving the citizens of Johnson County in the most effective, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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Title IV-D Support Cases

If either parent is enrolled in child support services through the Kansas Dept for Children and Families (Title IV-D program) your enforcement services will be provided by a new child support enforcement company called Kansas Child Support Services.


Visit Kansas Department for Children and Families Child Support Services for additional information.

Frequent Questions

How do I establish paternity?

A paternity order can be established by hiring a private attorney or by contacting the Kansas Child Support Services Department at 1-888-757-2445.

How long does the child support obligation continue to accrue?

About two months prior to your child's 18th birthday, a school Certification of Attendance form is sent to the residential parent. If the child is still in high school, per Kansas Statute, child support will continue until June 30th of that year. Kansas School Year is July 1st through June 30th. If the child is no longer attending school, child support ceases on the child's birthday, unless the parties have agreed otherwise and that agreement has been approved by the court, or unless the divorce decree or child support order was established in another state which allows child support to continue to another date, such as the child's 21st birthday.

Do I need to obtain a court order or does child support stop automatically?

For Kansas support orders, child support terminates on a child’s 18th birthday unless the child is still attending high school, in which case child support continues until June 30th of the school year the child turned 18, unless otherwise ordered by the Court. If the child has not graduated by June 30th and the support order does not specify an extension, an Order Extending Child Support must be obtained.

See KSA 23-3001.

My ex-spouse has stopped paying child support and/or maintenance. Will a warrant be issued for his/her arrest?

When an individual who is court-ordered to pay child support does not comply with that court order, a citation for contempt may be issued by this office, and the obligor parent will be ordered to appear for a hearing. If that individual was personally served and they fail to appear for court, a warrant may be issued at that time.

Can I get a payment record of what I paid in (or received) for income tax purposes?

Yes, upon request we will email the payment record to the email address on file.