Title IV-D Support Cases

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Effective October 1, 2021 The Kansas Department for Children and Families Child Support Services (DCF CSS) Contractor is Maximus. Title IV-D is part of the Social Security Act and is a set of federal regulations that requires every state to offer child support services. The program assists families by establishing parentage and orders for child and medical support, locating noncustodial parents and their property, enforcing child and medical support orders, and modifying support orders as appropriate. DCF CSS automatically serves families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Food Assistance, KanCare Medicaid, foster care, and child care assistance, however, anyone can enroll for services regardless of income or residency.

You may contact Kansas Child Support Services Call Center Representatives at 1-888-757-2445. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Then listen to the prompts and provide personal information to reach the contractor for your court order. Kansas Child Support Services Office in Johnson County is located in 75 Corporate Woods at 10800 Farley St Suite 300, Overland Park Kansas 66210. For information about Kansas Department for Children and Families Child Support Services.

Additional enforcement actions available through the IV-D Program:

  • Notification of delinquencies to credit bureaus and agencies.
  • Interception of federal income tax refunds for the collection of past due support.
  • Interception of a portion of unemployment compensation for the collection of current and past due support.
  • Additional assistance in the location of absent parents.
  • Ability to file interstate enforcement actions if the absent parent moves to another state.
  • Denial of Kansas Wildlife and Parks fishing and hunting licenses, tags, park and boat permits.
  • Denial of US passport to applicants owing back child support.
  • Restrictions on drivers license for non-payment of support.

Request closure of IV-D Case

If you would like to request closure of your title IV-D case you must notify Kansas Department for Children and Families Child Support Services (DCF) and their contractor Maximus in writing of your request.  If you are receiving cash assistance, medical coverage or daycare assistance through the State of Kansas Title IV-D program you cannot terminate child support services provided by DCF as long as you receive any of these assistance benefits.

If you are not receiving any of the above benefits you can request in writing to DCF that your child support enforcement case be closed.  You should also keep a copy of the written request for your records.   

The written notification should be mailed, emailed or delivered.

Upon receipt of your written request for closure letter, DCF should file with the court a "Notice of Termination of the Assignment of Support Rights" that you signed when you applied for DCF services.  This document releases your case so that the Johnson County Court Trustee Office can then automatically resume monitoring your case court order for support enforcement.