2024 Fall Conference FAQs

Conference FAQs

Where is the conference located?

Instructor FAQs

What do you mean by a Course/Learning Objective?

A course objective (or learning objective) is a broad statement that should guide your attendees through your course so they know what is expected of them during your session, and what they can expect to learn/know by the end of your session. 

A course objective should start with an action verb using (see attached OR post chart): Bloom's Taxonomy.

Is a course/learning objective the same thing as a learning outcome?

​​​​​​Course/learning objectives are different than learning outcomes.

How many course/learning objectives do I need to provide?

We ask that you provide at least one objective for every two hours of your session.

How do I write an effective course/learning objective?

  1. Reflect on your course.
  2. Brainstorm specific things that you want attendees to know and do by the end of the course.
  3. Refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy to help you identify action verbs that will be observable and measurable.
  4. Draft your learning outcomes and prioritize them.