Building Inspections

circuit panel inspection with tablet in hand

All building permits issued by Johnson County Building Codes require inspections. Below is a full list of inspections we offer, followed by a list of approved third party inspectors. If you project requires a third party inspector, you will need to speak to the Building Official first. 

If you are unsure about what inspections your project may need, feel free to give us a call at 913-715-2200 or email us at

Please Note

Please note: An inspection will not be provided without approved plans on the job site.

Inspection Types

  1. Concrete (inspections are for the same day pour) 2 hour minimum notice require
    1. Footing
    2. Foundation Wall – Masonry Wall
    3. Pier Holes
    4. Structural Slab (suspended and on over 24” fill over dig) 

      All other inspections require a minimum of ½ day notice

  2. Underground Rough-In
    1. Plumbing
    2. Electrical
    3. Mechanical
  3. Roof -mid-phase (as coverings are installed, final)
  4. Rough-In: electrical, plumbing, mechanical, framing (includes exterior wall bracing)
  5. Above Ceiling Electric
  6. Above Ceiling Framing
  7. Above Ceiling Mechanical
  8. Above Ceiling Plumbing
  9. Fire Stopping
  10. Window Installation
  11. Exterior Wall Covering (brick, wood siding, stucco, stone veneer)
  12. Insulation (residential only)
  13. Drywall (before taping, screw pattern – type of gypsum board)
  14. Stucco (lath) (sheetrock must be done) otherwise drywall shall be glued and screwed after stucco application
  15. Fireplace (masonry) (insert)
  16. Swimming Pool Bonding (pool/spa/hot tub) (shell, deck, wet niche)
  17. Gas Inspection (gas piping interior – exterior, air pressure test)
  18. Electrical Service (temporary/permanent)
  19. Fire Sprinkler (sprinkler pipe rough-in visual, underground fire mains, hydrostatic test, final)
  20. Fire Alarm per NFPA 72 (rough-in, final test)
  21. Final Agricultural Barn (set-back to property line)
  22. Final Inspection (**see below)

    Demolition Inspections require a minimum of ½ day notice

  23. Pre-demo Inspection (after permit is issued and before any work has started)
  24. Final inspection (once the final grade has been completed)

Before you call...

Before calling for your building code final inspection, schedule appointments with the following departments when applicable: 

Third Party Inspections Program

Each agency seeking approval status must submit a Quality Control Manual to Johnson County for review and acceptance. An approved agency may be a verification agency for fabricator audits or a third-party inspection/testing agency employed by the owner to fulfill the role of special inspection/testing of the International Building Code, Chapter 17.

Approved Inspection Agencies

Walter P. Moore
Engineers & Consultants
920 Main, Suite 1000, 10th floor
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Engineers, Consulting, Testing
2828 South 44th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66106
13910 W 96th Terrace
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
Alpha-Omega Geotech, Inc.
1701 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
Braun Intertec Corporation
11529 West 79th Street, Building 21
Lenexa, Kansas 66214
913-962-0909 / Office
913-962-0924 / Fax
Maxim Technologies
721 South Packard
Kansas City, Kansas 66105
Kaw Valley Engineering
Engineering, Surveying, Geotechnical
14700 West 114 Terrace
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
Structural Engineers Associates
1000 Walnut Suite 1570
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Geotechnical, Environmental, Testing, Inspection
14705 West 114 Terrace
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
Thiele Geotech, Inc.
13478 Chandler Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68138
Apex Engineers, Inc.
1600 Baltimore Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
CFS Engineers
1100 West Cambridge Circle Drive, Suite 700
Kansas City, Kansas 66103
Geotechnology, Inc.
5055 Antioch Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66203

Frequent Questions

What is the phone number to call for Unincorporated Johnson County inspections?

913-715-2200. As of January 1, 2020 inspections request can be made through the Customer Portal at MyGovernmentOnline.

What do I do if I miss a required inspection?

Call this office, 913-715-2200, to speak with an inspector. We will work with you to bring your inspections up to date.

Can I call for a final inspection and move in before my house is finished?

No, your home must be completely finished. Completely finished includes such commonly overlooked items such as the address being posted, all flooring and wall covering, all landings, and decks. You must also have had your final inspection done from Public Works and Environmental before calling.

If a performance energy rated home, the Confirmed HERS report must have been sent to the Plans Examiner or Building Official for approval.

Can I get a scheduled time for my inspection?

We will only set scheduled times for concrete inspections or inspections on occupied structures.

Will someone call me prior to performing my inspection?

Due to schedule conflicts and other situations that may cause us to be unexpectedly late, we will no longer give call aheads.