Financial Management and Administration

County bonds retain top ratings

Johnson County continues to score a triple when it comes to earning top bond ratings, leading to competitive interest rates on approximately $39 million in bond issues for five capital projects.

Canceled Stale-Dated Checks

Generally, a “stale check” (also called a “stale-dated check”) is an uncashed check that is more than six months old. Kansas statute 10-815 authorizes the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to cancel “stale-dated” County-issued checks that are at least two years old.

COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Johnson County's COVID-19 Response and Recovery page provides insight into the County's pandemic response efforts. Information is provided on the use of Coronavirus Relief Funds, State Impact Funds, Emergency Rental Assistance Funds and the American Rescue Plan Funds.

For Businesses

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An overview of the services and programs Johnson County, Kansas provides to business and how to do business with the county.

Terms and Conditions

The agreement between Johnson County, Kansas, (hereinafter the Purchaser) and Vendor consists of the terms and conditions contained on the face hereof, these printed terms and conditions, and any documents referenced herein which may or may not be attached hereto.


Current contracts or cooperative contracts that are utilized by Johnson County can be viewed on our webpage at:

Bids and RFPs

Suppliers may learn of bid opportunities with Johnson County by clicking on the Bids/RFPs tab. All formal solicitations will be distributed through
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