Trualta offers resources for caregivers

The Best Times Digital Edition

February 24, 2021

The Johnson County Area Agency on Aging is now offering an innovative eLearning program for family caregivers of loved ones with dementia – part of a national program created by Trualta and offered by many aging offices across the country.

Trualta offers skill-based training delivered through an online learning system built specifically for the family caregiver audience. Each caregiver who enrolls in the free program receives a personalized learning journey based on the caregiving topics that are most relevant to their care situation.

Topics include personal care (e.g., tips for showering, toileting); dementia care (managing difficult situations like wandering, agitation, apathy); safety and injury prevention (identifying fall risks, safely moving and transferring) and caregiver wellness (e.g., balancing work and caregiving).

Trualta also offers “expert level” training from professional- level providers like Teepa Snow that’s adapted for the family caregiver audience.

The caregiver support program also provides a print-and-digital hybrid solution, so caregivers can also receive printed booklets to demonstrate the value of the program and help encourage online engagement.

Johnson County has a dedicated learning portal for its caregivers who are invited to participate, and an easy-to use dashboard allows participants to review caregiver learning modules as well as information the AAA adds about local resources for caregivers.

AAA staff can introduce the platform to families during a phone call or home visit. They can direct caregivers to the modules that would be most helpful to them and follow up to assist or encourage engagement.

Trualta works with progressive Area Agencies on Aging that want to connect social services for families to health outcomes for seniors aging-in-place. A confident and trained family caregiver makes a significant difference in the life of the person they care for and complements the services offered by the AAA.

A clinical outcomes-based evaluation of the Trualta program is taking place in coordination with University of Florida Health, and the initial evidence points to the program’s value for older adults, their caregivers and the Area Agencies on Aging that serve them.

For more information or to participate in this Johnson County AAA-sponsored program call 913-715-8861.