My JCPRD activities - 50 Plus edition - March-April 2021

The Best Times Digital Edition

February 25, 2021

50 Plus Department of the Johnson County Park and Recreation District program listings are also always available at In 2021, 50 Plus is marking its 50th anniversary and invites you to celebrate with us by participating in programs marked with (50!). Be sure to look for 50 Plus listings in future issues of Best Times.

Enrichment & Special Interests

NEW! Cooking: Making Macarons
Delicate and delightful, macarons are becoming a popular dessert for the home baker to attempt. Learn tips and tricks to making a successful macaron. The best part is included, a box of these delicious treats for you to enjoy at home while watching the program!
Macaron pick up is March 19 from 8 am to noon at Roeland Park
Community Center.
1 - 1 hr. session - $15 / $17 nonresidents
8924 Virtual Program 3/19 1:30 pm

NEW! Crafts: Craft Savvy - Dream Catchers
Meet with others virtually and put together a dream catcher. A dream catcher is a spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under it. All supplies included. Live step-by-step guidance will be available on Zoom! Pick up supplies at Roeland Park Community Center between April 8 and 9.
1 - 1 hr. session - $20 / $22 nonresidents
8020 Virtual Program 4/14 Wed 1:30 pm

NEW! Reading: Wanderlust Virtual Book Club
Intertwine your love of travel and a good book with a travel-the-med book club. Each month enjoy the selected book from the list and conclude the month in a group virtual discussion about the read, how it relates to your travel, and how it may inspire your wanderlust. March’s book is “Turn Right at Machu Picchu: Rediscovering the Lost City One Step at a Time” and April’s is “Bowing to Elephants.”
2 - 1 hr. classes - $5
8073 Virtual Program 3/30 Tue 1:30 pm
 4/27 Tue 1:30 pm

Technology: Participants in technology classes must know the device and App store usernames and passwords associated with their smartphone accounts. Bring portable devices to the class.

Technology: Facebook® 101
Become a Facebook® guru and stay connected with friends and family. Learn to set up an account, post a status, and post pictures using your smartphone or computer.
1 - 2 hr. class - $20 / $22 nonresidents
8738 MRCC 3/9 Tue 10 am

NEW! Technology: How to Use Zoom
Zoom is the new buzzword! Learn how to sign up and use the software platform Zoom. Bring your device and any associated account passwords.
1 - 1 hr. class - $10 / $11 nonresidents
8076 RPCC 4/15 Thu 1 pm

Technology: One-on-One
Computer Tutoring
Train and get questions answered by our knowledgeable instructor.
Must bring laptop or tablet to class. Call 913-826-3160 for an appointment available on a Tuesday or Thursday. Program fee nonrefundable.
1 - 2 hr. class - $60 / $66 nonresidents
 RPCC By Appt.

Technology: Password Protection
“Password: Kv39X@^z!f9# does not meet password setting criteria.”
Does remembering and resetting all those online passwords drive you bananas? Hear from a technology wiz on how to keep your personal information safely password protected in a manageable fashion.
1 - 2 hr. class - $20 / $22 nonresidents
8095 Virtual Program 3/11 Thu 1 pm
8096 RPCC 4/24 Sat Noon

Technology: Selling Online
Clearing out clutter? Looking to sell handmade wares? Class covers how to sell online safely. Learn tips and tricks to online payments, where to sell, and how to ship.
1 - 2 hr. class - $20 / $22 nonresidents
8097 RPCC 3/16 Tue 10 am
8099 RPCC 4/24 Sat 9 am

Technology: Smartphone Workshops
Is your smartphone smarter than you? Learn the basic fundamentals of your device through these helpful workshops. Purchase individually or take them all! Handouts included.
1 - 1 ½ hr. session - $17 / $19 nonresidents
8174 MRCC Apps 101 3/4 Thu 10 am
8175 MRCC Contacts & Calling 3/18 Thu 10 am
8176 MRCC Settings & Notifications 3/25 Thu 10 am
8177 MRCC Email & Text 4/1 Thu 10 am
8178 MRCC Apps 101 4/8 Thu 10 am

Looking for at home recreation opportunities? We are currently offering a variety of virtual programs weekly that include both free and fee-based offerings. Fees are typically charged to cover the cost of instructors and supplies. It’s a fun, easy way to engage! See what’s available and sign up at

Fine & Performing Arts

Art: Painter’s Palette
Techniques, styles, and tips taught with pastel, watercolor, acrylic, or oil. Individual instruction and peer assistance provided. Punch cards expire three months from date of purchase.
5 Punch Art Card - $55 / $61 nonresidents
10 Punch Art Card - $107 / $118 nonresidents
TRCC Mon 9:30 am
MRCC Thu 1:30 pm
TRCC Fri 9:30 am

Art: Watercolor Painting
Learn techniques, styles and tips. Individual instruction and peer assistance provided. Start anytime with a punch card. Punch cards expire three months from date of purchase.
5 Punch Art Card - $55 / $61 nonresidents
10 Punch Art Card - $107 / $118 nonresidents
MRCC Tue 1:30 pm

Dance: Tap - Beginning
Learn basic tap fundamentals such as the Waltz, Clog, and Rhythm Time Steps. Hard-soled or tap dance shoes required.
No previous tap dance necessary.
8 - 50 min. sessions - $61 / $67 nonresidents
8255 MRCC 3/15 Mon 2 pm

Dance: Tap - Next Level
Stomp, shuffle, and stamp to the next level of tap dance. Test out of Beginning Tap and build upon the fundamentals. Tap dance experience necessary.
8 - 50 min. sessions - $61 / $67 nonresidents
8257 MRCC 3/15 Mon 3 pm

Virtual courses are offered via Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. Advanced registration is required 24 hours prior to class. Information on how to access the program will be sent no later than 9 am the day of the program to those who registered/RSVP. If you are unable to attend class at the scheduled time, you will receive a link to watch the recorded class at your convenience within 48 hours. 

Fitness & Health

Exercise: AEA Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP)
This recreational chair-based exercise class includes range of motion exercises suitable for every fitness level and ability.
1 - 45 min. workout - $3 pay at the door
Merriam Community Center M,W 10 am
Spring Hill Civic Center T, Th 1 pm
New Century Fieldhouse W,F 10:15 am
Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse Wed 1 pm
Matt Ross Community Center Fri 10:45 am
1 - 45 min workout - $3 online pay option during class
8899 Virtual Program Wed 11 am

Exercise: Chair Yoga
Take yoga off the mat and onto the chair, incorporating breathing with movement while retaining all the benefits of yoga. Use the chair for support if needed during standing poses.
6 - 50 min. sessions - $47 / $51 nonresidents
7954 MBPC 4/6 Tue 10:30 am
7955 MBPC 4/8 Thu 10:30 am
6 - 50 min. sessions - $35 / $37 nonresidents
7958 Virtual Program 4/6 Tue 9:30 am

Exercise: Tai Chi
Tai Chi offers a slow and gentle exercise with benefits in endurance, flexibility, and muscle strengthening. All experience levels welcome in this course.
4 - 50 min. sessions - $36 / $40 nonresidents
8108 RPCC 3/9 Tue 5 pm
8109 RPCC 4/6 Tue 5 pm

Exercise: Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention
Incorporating all the essential principles of Tai Chi, the movements in this class are safe and easy to learn for those with arthritis or just starting a wellness routine. Through practice, improve muscular strength, flexibility and fitness. All experience levels welcome in this course.
1 - 45 min. workout - $3 pay at the door
Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Intro) Mon 1 pm
Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Begin) Mon 2 pm
1 - 30 min workout - $3 online pay option during class
8898 Virtual Program Wed 12:15 pm

NEW! Exercise: Virtual Strength and Stretch
A stretching and strengthening class designed to increase strength and range of motion to help with the activities of daily living.
6 - 50 min. sessions - $35 / $37 nonresidents
8580 Virtual Program Thu 11:30 am

NEW! (50!) Exercise: Virtual Zumba Gold - Sweating to the 90s
Pull out those neon leg warmers and get ready to throwback your workout to the 90s! Maximize calorie output and total body toning by following upbeat and easy to follow dance steps to the beat of Latin rhythms…with a little 90s tunes mixed in! No dance experience necessary.
1 - 45 min session- $10/ $11 nonresidents
7941 Virtual Program 3/10 Wed 2 pm

NEW! Meditation: Building a Meditation Practice in the New Year
Taking a few minutes to focus your mind each day can reduce stress, pain, depression, and more. Meditation is a simple, cost effective solution to a great number of health concerns. This
introductory class is offered by certified meditation leader Whit Welch.
1 - 50 min. session- $5 / $6 nonresidents
8926 Virtual 3/10 Wed 10am
8925 RPCC 4/21 Wed 6 pm

Yoga: Hatha (Gentle) Yoga Punch Card
l MODERATE INTENSITY: Strengthen your body, calm your mind and improve flexibility and balance. To try one class for free, call (913) 826-3160 for details and class schedule. Participants must bring their own yoga mat to each class.
5 Punch Card - $45 / $50 nonresidents (valid for 3 months)
10 Punch Card - $90 / $99 nonresidents (valid for 3 months)
20 Punch Card - $180 / $198 nonresidents (valid for 4 months)
RPCC M, Th 4 pm

Yoga: Sunset Yoga (Ages 14 & Older)
l LOW INTENSITY: Enjoy the spring breeze while you regulate your metabolism, increase flexibility, and coordination by practicing yoga on the park lawn. Lengthen your muscles while increasing both bone and muscle density. Yoga Participants of all levels are welcome. Participants are required to bring their own yoga mat and other equipment needed.
6 - 50 min. sessions - $47 / $51 nonresidents
7985 MBP - Shelter #3 4/7 Wed 6 pm

Staying Safe!

If you plan to attend a class at one of our facilities in person, you can expect to always be spaced at a minimum of six feet apart from other participants and reduced class sizes. Staff, instructors, and patrons are masked. All food, snacks or supplies are individually wrapped portions or already set up ready for you at your own personal table. Equipment and supplies are sanitized after each use. Your wellbeing is important to us so we are taking every precaution to provide a safe environment for learning and social engagement.

Nature & Outdoors

Social Walks: Spring Strolling
Make friends while exploring the great outdoors. Please bring your own water bottle and mask. Please register at least one week prior to departure.

Overland Park Arboretum - Enjoy the brisk spring morning air while strolling on a leisurely walk through the stunning trails and gardens of the Overland Park Arboretum, 8909 W 179th Street, Overland Park. Meet at the Visitor’s Center. Includes coffee and entry into the arboretum.
1 - 1 hr. outing - $5 / $6 nonresidents
9015 OP Arboretum 3/25 Thu 9 am

Meadowbrook Park - Enjoy the trails at one of JCPRD’s newest parks. Stroll past the three lakes, lined with green space and beauty. Meet in front of the clubhouse. Includes coffee after the walk.
1 - 1 hr. outing - $2 / $3 nonresidents
9016 MBPC 4/7 Wed 9 am

Mill Creek Streamway Park - Stroll along the peaceful trails of Mill Creek Streamway Park on the Gary Haller Trail. Meet at the 87th Lane Access Trailhead at Shelter 3, 19803 W 87th Lane,
Lenexa. Includes coffee after the walk.
1 - 1 hr. outing - $2 / $3 nonresidents
9017 MCSP 4/21 Wed 9 am

Special Events

(50!) Games: Anniversary Special - Gameshows of the 90’s
Have you ever dreamed of hearing your name being called as, “you’re the next contestant, come on down!” Join in on this silly rendition of television game shows. Everyone gets a chance to play. Refreshments will be served. Please register in advance, space is limited.
1 - 1 ½ hr. event - $15 / $17 nonresidents
8110 RPCC 4/15 Thu 1:30 pm

(50!) Games: Anniversary Special - I Love the 90s Music Bingo
Spice up your life with a totally wicked afternoon of music bingo. Score some sweet prizes and enjoy refreshments as you get jiggy with it to your favorite tunes of the 90s.
1 - 1 ½ hr. event - $15 / $17 nonresidents; $17 / $19 nonresidents day-of registration; cost of admission covers food and staff time to administer the bingo program. No additional charge for bingo.
8270 MRCC 3/10 Wed 1:30 pm

NEW! Holiday Event: 50 Plus Easter Egg Hunt
Who says kids get to have all the fun? This egg hunt is for 50 Plus ONLY! Search high and low for these hidden eggs outside the community center (indoors in the event of inclement weather). A special furry friend might even hop by for a photo op! Coffee and refreshments included.
1 - 1 hr. event - $10 / $11 nonresidents
8113 RPCC 4/1 Thu 1 pm

Social Event: Afternoon Tea in the Pavilion
Enjoy an afternoon of well-mannered frivolity. Try traditional Afternoon Tea snacks and sample a variety of teas. Bring your favorite teacup from home.
1 - 1 ½ hr. event - $15 / $17 nonresidents; $18 / $19 nonresidents for registrations starting one week before event.
7975 MBPC 4/29 Thu 3 pm


Pickleball: Drop-in Play
Join fellow pickleball enthusiasts for play and practice! Times and days are subject to change due to indoor court availability. Equipment available.
$3 per person per day
8271 MRCC Wed Noon - 4 pm
8272 TRCC M, T, Th, F Times vary
10 Punch Card - $35 or 20 Punch Card - $70
Or Drop-in Fee: $4 per person per day
8749 New Century Fieldhouse T, W, Th 9 am - 1 pm

Pickleball: Pickleball Beginning Lessons
Learn how to play the game all your friends are talking about!
Equipment provided and space is limited.
1 - 2 hr. lessons - $14 / $15 nonresidents
8276 NCF 3/3 Wed 10 am
8279 MRCC 3/24 Wed 1:30 pm
8277 NCF 4/7 Wed 10 am
8280 MRCC 4/21 Wed 1:30 pm


For more information about 50 Plus travel opportunities and worry-free cancellation waiver offers, call (913) 826-2975 or visit

Extended Trip: Spain & Morocco
Sept. 18 - Oct. 1, 2021 - 14 Days, 18 Meals
Registration deadline: March 19, 2021.
$4,449 per person, double occupancy $5249 per person, single occupancy

Extended Trip: Shades of Ireland
Oct. 4 - 13, 2021 - 10 Days, 13 Meals
Registration deadline: March 29, 2021.
$3,899 per person, double occupancy
$5,499 per person, single occupancy

Extended Trip: Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana
Nov. 3 - 17, 2021
15 Days, 29 Meals
Registration deadline: March 28, 2021. $7,549 per person, double occupancy
 $8,459 per person, single occupancy

Extended Trip: Spotlight on Santa Fe Holiday
Dec. 5 - 10, 2021 - 6 Days, 8 Meals
l Registration deadline: May 29, 2021.
 $2,299 per person, double occupancy
 $2,699 per person, single occupancy

Find seasonal programs for all ages at

Below are additional programs of interest to 50 Plus participants.

Outdoor Education

Boating: Sailing I (Ages 18 & Older)
Learn the basic skill of sailing. Types of boats, launching techniques, docking, maintenance, and safety will be covered in this class. Sailing consists of two indoor lecture sessions and four water sessions. Basic swimming skills required. Instructor: Johnson County Sailing Society.
6 - 2 hr. sessions - $78 / $85 nonresidents
7432 JCPRD Admin. Bldg. 4/20 T, Th 7 pm
Shawnee Mission Park Lake 4/24 Sat 9 am

Go Green: Rain Barrel Workshop (Ages 18 & Older)
During this class participants will construct their own rain barrel and learn how to hook it up when they get home. For more information call Park Naturalist, Andrea Joslin at (913) 826-2806.
Registration deadline April 12.
1 - 1 hr. session - $55 / $60 nonresidents
7633 Ernie Miller Nature Center 4/15 Thu 9:30 am
7433 Ernie Miller Nature Center 4/17 Sat 9:30 am

Hiking: Walk with a Naturalist (Ages 18 & Older)
Take a hike…. with a naturalist. Join us for themed hikes as we explore the landscape for hidden gems in the park. Hikes will be easy (E) to moderate (M) in difficulty dependent on the theme. Dress for the weather and muddy conditions on the trail. For more information call (913) 826-2800.
1 - 1 ½ hr. session - $7 / $8 nonresident
9091 Ernie Miller Park Prairie Prescription (M) 2/25 Thu 9:30 am
9092 Ernie Miller Park TREEmendous (E) 3/11 Thu 9:30 am
9093 Ernie Miller Park Bird Bonanza (M) 4/8 Thu 9:30 am
9094 Ernie Miller Park Spring Ephemerals (E) 4/22 Thu 9:30 am
9095 Ernie Miller Park Down by the Bank (M) 5/6 Thu 9:30 am

Yoga: Flowing with Nature (Ages 16 & Older)
Exhale as you take in the beauty of the lake with kayaking and yoga. Take in your surroundings and feelings as you journal and hike the trails. Prior experience is not necessary, and participants will choose their own level of activity. For more information, call
Park Naturalist Diana Bliss (913) 826-2807.
1 - 3 ½ hr. class - $39 / $43 nonresident
9097 TimberRidge Adventure Center 4/17 Sat 1 pm

Heritage & History

Museum: History on Tap - Thrift Style - Ingenuity in Hard Times (Ages 21 & Older)
K-State Curator of the Historic Costume & Textile Museum, Marla Day, will explore how we can use our past to improve our present through thrifting. The exhibition Thrift Style explores the reuse of a simple piece of leftover fabric and how homemakers used what was available to them to meet the needs of their families. A message that resonates with consumers during our current economic climate. Corresponds to museum’s “Thrift Style” exhibit, from NEH on the Road.
1 - 1 hr. program - $6, includes museum admission. Museum members receive a 20% discount - call (913) 831-3359 to register and claim discount.
8334 Johnson County Museum 3/2 Tue 6 pm

Museum: Scandal in the Schoolhouse - A Historic Escape Room Experience (Ages 10 & Older)
Solve the mystery of the missing schoolmarm at this new escape-room style adventure! Begin in the visitor center with a costumed school teacher then head off to an actual 1904 schoolhouse to solve the mystery. You will learn about the local history of Lanesfield along the way. This experience is best for ages 10 and older. Someone in the party must be 18 or older. This program is at the Lanesfield Historic Site. Call to register your group. (913) 715-2570.
1 - 1 hr. program. Groups of 2-8. Best for ages 10 & Older.
$50 for 2 people, $20 per person for 3-8 people.
Must pre-register. Call (913) 715-2570. 

Program Locations

(EMNC) Ernie Miller Park & Nature Center
909 N. K-7 Highway, Olathe

JCPRD Admin Building
7900 Renner Rd., Shawnee Mission

Johnson County Museum
8788 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park

(MRCC) Matt Ross
Community Center
8101 Marty St., Overland Park

(MBPC) Meadowbrook
Park & Clubhouse
9101 Nall Ave., Prairie Village

Merriam Community Center
6040 Slater St., Merriam

(NCF) New Century Fieldhouse
551 New Century Parkway, New Century

(RPCC) Roeland Park Community Center
4850 Rosewood Dr., Roeland Park

Spring Hill Civic Center
401 N. Madison St., Spring Hill

Adventure Center
12300 Homestead Lane, Olathe

(TRCC) Tomahawk
Hills Community Center
11902 Lowell, Overland Park


SilverSneakers® and Renew Active™ memberships are available at two JCPRD facilities.
Roeland Park Community Center
(913) 826-3160

Mill Creek Activity Center
(913) 826-2950

Visit or call 913-831-3359 for information and/or to register.