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Gravel Roads


General maintenance consists of routine blading and adding gravel, as needed. Blading helps to preserve the shape of the road, smooth down any surface irregularities, and recover material back to road surface. The addition of gravel increases the stability of the road. General maintenance is performed all year round to help prevent washboarding, ruts, pot holes, loss of aggregate and most importantly, to maintain a safe road for motorists.

If you would like to request maintenance to a road, please submit a Request for Service.


Living on a gravel road

Growth in Johnson County has greatly increased in the last 20 years, with a number of residents choosing to live in the rural areas. The county's road system was essentially built for low volume farm use. Today, roughly 135 miles of gravel roads still remain in Johnson County. Because residents are choosing the "country life", many are now living on these gravel roads. Unless you have previously lived on a gravel road, you may not be aware of the issues that come from living on an unpaved road. Here are just a few things you will encounter:

  • Road Dust - it is everywhere (in the air, on your vehicle, in your house)
  • Mud and Loose Material - after a rain event, the roadway surface can become soft and surface material may be thrown off tires and stick to vehicles
  • Gravel road conditions change quickly and often have pot holes, rutting, and washboarding
  • Snow/ice cannot be treated, like on paved roads. Snow will be plowed after 3 inches of accumulation. 

Gravel dust kicked up by vehicle