Sewer Use Credit

Sewer use credit is a voluntary program for commercial customers who install a deduct meter for water not entering the sanitary sewer.   

Steps to Enroll in Sewer Use Credit Program


Commercial and Industrial Customers to Obtain Credit for Water Not Entering the Johnson County Wastewater Collection System

This is a voluntary program and is intended to provide guidance to those customers who wish to obtain credit for water that does not enter the Johnson County Wastewater collection system.

In accordance with Resolution No. WD 02-35:

  1. It is the responsibility of the user to provide documentation sufficient for an accurate determination of the water that does not enter the wastewater collection system.
  2. In order to receive credit for water not entering the sanitary sewer, JCW requires that this water be continuously metered. This meter must register in “gallons” (not cubic feet).
  3. Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) will not be responsible for any costs associated with the installation or maintenance of any water meter installed as part of this program. Property owners will be responsible for setting, reading and maintaining the deduct meter. Detailed procedures for obtaining a sewer use credit are described below.


Complete and submit a JCW Sewer Use Credit Application Form. The Sewer Use Credit Application forms can be obtained in three ways:

Information to Include with Sewer Use Credit Application Form

  • A drawing or schematic of the building plumbing with proposed and/or existing meter location(s) and water discharge points clearly labeled. The deduct meter installation must include a backflow preventer and shut off. The schematic does not need to include all interior building plumbing but it does need to clearly denote the location of the main water meter, irrigation systems, cooling towers and/or anything that will be metered for a Sewer Use Credit.
  • Include make, model, and size of proposed or existing meter with the Sewer Use Credit Application Form. All new meters installed must comply with local water provider and American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards. The meter must also be appropriately sized for the applicants system. Registers on the meter must be straight-reading type and read and totalized in U. S. gallons.
  • Name of contractor performing installation of meter. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure that all work performed as a part of this program meets local building and plumbing codes and any requirements of the water purveyor. The installation contractor should check with the local building authority on the requirement of a building permit.
  • Installation must have the backflow device and shut off along with the deduct meter at each location. Backflow device for building does not qualify.
  • Example of completed forms and acceptable drawings.

Submit the Application

Send Sewer Use Credit Application Form and attached information to:

Return Application Form


Fax:                       913-715-8501

US Mail:               Johnson County Wastewater

                             C/o Industrial/Commercial Liaison

                             11811 S Sunset Drive, STE 2500

                             Olathe, KS 66061-7061


Application Review

  • JCW will contact you within two weeks of receipt of the Application. If more information is needed to complete the application process, JCW will contact you to set up a site visit.
  • Upon approval, customer may proceed with the installation of new meters according to the sketch or diagram provided in the approved Application Form.

After Approval

  • After meter installation is completed, customer must contact JCW to verify the final installation and set up the final inspection for approval to begin reporting.
  • JCW will provide customer with reporting procedures for receiving the Sewer Use Credit. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide monthly meter readings between the 18th and 23rd of each month along with a photograph of the meter read. If metered readings are not provided during the required time span or do not exist, no credit will be given. Credit will not be given for previous months.
  • A licensed and bonded plumbing contractor should be consulted on the proper location of any new meters used for the purpose of obtaining a Sewer Use Credit.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain all metering equipment to ensure proper operation and accuracy. In the event that a meter should malfunction, no credit will be given until the proper repairs have been made and the equipment is functioning in compliance with manufacturer’s specifications. After repair is completed, the meter must be checked to confirm accuracy. JCW must be notified of any malfunctioning meters or when repair work is being done.
  • If reported gallons for the deduct program exceeds billed gallons by Water purveyor JCW may deny credits. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine and correct situations with the water purveyor should this issue arise. This may include review or replacement of both or one of the main purveyor meter and / or deduct meter.
  • The customer shall allow JCW staff to periodically enter the property for the purpose of verifying meter data. JCW shall schedule in advance with the customer for inspections. Denial of a meter inspection will result in denial of the Sewer Use Credit. This process includes the cooperation of the party designated to read the meter to be present during the inspection.

Obtaining Credit

Enter deduct meter read(s) in the User Charge Deduct Report Form

Supply a photo of the meter read that’s entered in the form and email both to