Land Use Plan Updates

Johnson County has been updating the land use compatibility plans for two major areas of the county that have seen growth and development in recent years: the county’s two airports and the former Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant area.

The plan updates have included work by committees to host meetings, gather public input and make recommendations. Any final changes to these plans require final approval by the Board of County Commissioners as amendments to the Johnson County Rural Comprehensive Plan.

You are welcome to view the latest information on the plan updates, view draft documents and provide input during the update process. Learn more about the plan updates and how you can get involved below.

Airport Land Use Plan Update

Airport Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Johnson County updated the land use compatibility plans for both the Johnson County Executive Airport and New Century AirCenter. These two airports are located in areas where significant growth has occurred in recent years. A primary objective of the plan updates was to reflect current conditions and plan for future growth and development around the airports, while preserving the airport’s function and operations from the encroachment of incompatible development.

The Comprehensive Land Use Compatibility Plans were updated to determine the best land uses around the two airports, and with the help of neighboring cities, help to shape the future of these areas of Johnson County. The Board of County Commissioners approved the changes as amendments to Johnson county's Rural Comprehensive Plan on Feb. 22, 2024. The study involved a consultant who is working with a Planning Advisory Committee to gather information and develop the plans.

Sunflower Area Plan Update

Grassy field and paved trail with water towers behind it

Johnson County is updating the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant Conceptual Land Use Plan, also known as the Sunflower Area Plan. The plan was first adopted in 1998 following the closure of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, located southwest of the City of De Soto, and the county is revisiting the plan due to recent changes to the area.

The City of De Soto annexed just over one-third of the plan’s study area, resulting in the need to review the Sunflower Area Plan to determine future land uses of the remaining county land. The update includes recommendations from a Planning Commission subcommittee, a public hearing in front of the Planning Commission, and a final decision by the Board of County Commissioners.

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