Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership. Helping First Time Parents Succeed.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a FREE nurse-led home visitation program, offered by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment. First-time mothers are paired with a nurse home visitor. The mother-to-be and her nurse meet regularly through her pregnancy, the birth of her newborn and until the child turns two. The nurse home visitor provides support, encouragement and guidance.

  • Lives in Johnson County, Kansas
  • Will be parenting her first child
  • Is pregnant 28 weeks or less
  • Meets income requirements

To enroll in the program, fill out the form below and we will contact you within 2 business days. Call 913-826-1228 for more information or if you need help enrolling. 

A nurse supports first-time moms to:

Mom and baby
  • Have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • Become the best mom she can be.
  • Learn about breastfeeding, child development and safety practices that allow first-time moms to build their confidence.
  • Get referrals for child care, health care, job training and other support services in our community.
  • Follow their dreams for the future.

What NFP moms have said:

“My nurse helped me organize my life and thoughts. I appreciate her standing by me through the difficult time of transition.” – Julianna M.

“I love this program. It made such an important, positive impact on my life. I will never forget my nurse or the wonderful things she did for me and my family.” – Anonymous

“I was 17 and pregnant with my first child. Because of their support and counseling, I sought prenatal care and learned about breastfeeding. I stayed in school. They gave me a chance to dream and taught me I didn't have to be a statistic. I graduated from college in the top ten of my nursing class with my BSN.” – Anonymous

“My nurses were experts at what they did. Any question I had, they had the answer or helped me find a solution.” – Shoustone

Pregnancy Help — Video About How Nurse-Family Partnership Offers Pregnancy Help