Risk Management

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Risk Management and Safety is a Division of Financial Management and Administration. It is responsible for managing the county-wide property and casualty insurance and self-funded program, managing the property and liability losses that result from operations, managing the self-funded workers' compensation program, developing safety programs, conducting safety audits, conducting loss control and property conservation inspections, conducting risk management and safety training.

Workers' Compensation

The County is a qualified self-insurer in Kansas for our workers’ compensation program.  Thomas McGee, L.C., is the County’s contracted third party administrator (TPA). Injured County employees should contact their immediate supervisor regarding on the job injury and accident reporting requirements and forms.

The County’s designated worker’s compensation medical provider is Corporate Care.  Employees should seek treatment for all non-emergencies on the job injuries from Concentra.

Questions regarding medical treatment, return to work, prescriptions, mileage reimbursement or other benefits related to an injury should be directed to the Claims Administrator at 816-843-4487 or the Risk Management Division at 913-715-0603.

Questions regarding Kansas Workers’ Compensation Statutes and Rules can be directed to the Kansas Division of Workers’ Compensation. The telephone number for the Ombudsman/Claimant Advisory Section is 1-800-332-0353.

Claims for Damages

Johnson County’s automobile liability and general liability program is a combination of self-funding and excess insurance.  

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a County vehicle, or wish to make a claim against the County for other damages involving Johnson County operations, contact the Risk Management Division to report the loss and to obtain a Claim for Damages form which will meet the statutory claim reporting requirements per K.S.A. 12-105b(d), if, as a claimant, you are not represented by legal counsel.


The County seeks to provide a safe work environment for all of its employees and visitors and continually strives to prevent injuries and accidents. The Safety Officer dedicates time and resources to develop and maintain safety programs and policies, conduct inspections and accident investigations to identify and eliminate hazards and correct unsafe conditions.  The Safety Officer also provides education and training, and communicates the need for every employee to be personally responsible in preventing injury to themselves and others.

The Kansas Department of Labor, Industrial Safety & Health Division, oversees regulatory compliance of Johnson County.

Concentra Contacts

Locations for Treatment: 

Lenexa, 14809 West 95th St, Lenexa, Ph: 913-894-6664; Fax: 913-894-6891 
Email form to: Alden_Clinic@concentra.com

Johnson County, 15319 W. 95th St, Lenexa, Ph: 913-495-9905; Fax: 913-495-9945 
Email form to: Lenexa_Clinic@concentra.com 

Kansas Ave, 4214 Kansas Ave, KCK, Ph: 913-321-7557, Fax: 913-321-7667 
Email form to: Kansas_avenue@concentra.com 

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM 

After Hours: nearest urgent care/emergency room for emergency care.