On-Site Work Services

JCDS has been proudly serving the Kansas City Metro area for over 40 years, providing a highly reliable resource in helping businesses with production solutions and contract needs.  Not only has this been beneficial to businesses, it provides viable job training and skill development for our workforce, with the goal of becoming more self-reliant and inclusive in the community.

Our on-site workforce is experienced in assembly, heat-sealing, material handling, packaging, labeling and collating.  For every large-scale job, JCDS breaks down the processes into many small parts.  This ensures that there is a way for every person to be productive with their current skillset.  This also allows the ability to set goals for improvement in each person to help them be as vocationally ready as possible.

Community Readiness Group

Also known as CRG, this program provides extra training for individuals who have the goal of securing competitive employment in the community.  In addition to working as a team to figure out how they are going to handle their daily workload, CRG team members work on softer skills needed in the workplace, such as filling out timecards, participating in team meetings, and more.

JCDS - Community Readiness Group