Papercrete Works

Papercrete Works logo, tree and bench.

Papercrete Works is a program of Johnson county Developmental Supports that creates community integrated employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. People served can earn an hourly wage while learning new job skills and working toward achieving their goals in employment. 

Papercrete is a mixture of cement, water and recycled paper. The crew of individuals served and staff work together to pour it into molds to create unique products. Proceeds from the sales go back into the program.

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Our Mission

Papercrete Works supports people with IDD by providing paid on the job skills training as a stepping stone to integrated competitive employment. We promote independence, provide choice driven supports and advocate alongside people to work in our community. 

Our Products

Our employees create and sell several different products in the outdoor furnishing, home décor and gift item categories.

Our Promise

With Papercrete Works, you can have confidence that you are purchasing a unique and well-crafted product made by many hands. You will also know that your purchase is helping provide community employment for people with an intellectual or developmental disability, helping them lead more independent lives. 

Papercrete Works

Our program continues to thrive with the support from our community and our volunteers. Thank you.

For more information about Papercrete Works, please contact Deanna Smith.