Community Employment

A man in a wheelchair at work.

Community Employment is exactly what it sounds like: being employed in a community job. This could be anything from stocking goods in a retail setting, to working in an office or warehouse.

Oftentimes people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are interested in working at a job in the community, but they may feel unsure about what types of jobs they may be successful at. In addition, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities may feel they lack the job skills or experience needed to secure a job. They may struggle with completing the application, interview and orientation processes of employment. If you feel like this describes you or a loved one, going through a Community Employment program may be the answer for you!

Interested in Community Employment?

If you are interested in Community Employment, and would like to receive employment services from JCDS, the first step is to be CDDO eligible. If you have not already gone through the CDDO eligibility process, visit the CDDO.


Afterward, to receive employment services you must apply at Vocational Rehabilitation. You can visit them at their website and download the application.

JCDS can be chosen as a provider of employment supports through Vocational Rehabilitation if the job seeker is CDDO eligible. Like other community employment programs, we will provide you with an employment specialist. An employment specialist will help with job applications, job readiness skills, and interviews. After a job seeker has been hired by a community business, the employment specialist will assist with the orientation and training needs of the position. The employment specialist will remain involved while the new employee develops the skills necessary to be successful in their position. As the new employee gains independence, the employment specialist will gradually leave the new employee to work on their own.

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