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JCDS promotes the values of “Employment First” with a focus on integrated, community-based employment for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to earn at or above the minimum wage as the first option.

If competitive integrated employment is not an immediate goal or inaccessible in the short term, JCDS offers a variety of on-site and community-based employment and community volunteer service options for individuals with all levels of support needs.

For retired individuals in service, and for those impacted by significant health-related conditions, JCDS provides a variety of meaningful day activities.

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Meet Olga

Olga was part of our Project SEARCH internship class of 2016-2017 who got a full-time job before she graduated. Check out her story:

Olga on the job

How to Participate

To participate in any of the services or programs that are available at JCDS, one must:

  1. First be determined eligible under CDDO guidelines. Visit the CDDO to learn more about this process. Every service listed in JCDS service pages and every private provider for developmental services in our area require CDDO eligibility to participate.
  2. After determining eligibility, you will meet with the CDDO to select service providers. All the services described on these web pages are provided and managed by JCDS, and you will need to select JCDS as a Day and Employment service provider to participate in them. In addition, not all services listed may be currently accepting new participants. JCDS services are but one of many options: there are many other private entities in our area that provide day and employment services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You can find a list of other local day and employment service providers on the CDDO webpage.

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