JoCoBo Membership

Workers reroofing a house

All memberships must be consistent with the by-laws of the association.  Membership shall be of one of the five following classifications: 

  • Active Full Voting Member: Must be an active governmental representative within Johnson County, Kansas.  Each Jurisdiction can only have one Full Voting Membership.  
  • Professional Member: Individuals engaged in any professional construction, architecture, engineer, private inspections, research or related activities. Individuals, firms, corporations or jurisdictions interested in supporting the Association. 
  • Associate Member: Active governmental representative within Johnson County that is not the full voting member. Designee from jurisdiction to vote in absence of Full Voting Member. 
  • Retired Member: Any individual within the above three categories who is retired.
  • Student Member: Individuals attending institutions above the twelfth grade on a full or part time basis            

Membership Application

* Honorary Members Include: Tim Ryan, Steve Thompson, Joe McCoy, Jerry Mallory, Ron Worley, Jim Jorgensen. (No action needed)

Annual Membership Dues

  • Full Voting Member = $160.00
  • Professional Member = $120.00
  • Associate Member = $65.00
  • Retired Member = $10.00
  • Student Member = $5.00

Membership dues are payable and due at the beginning of each calendar year.

Make checks payable to:    
Johnson County Building Officials Assoc.

Mail attached application and payment to: 
City of Shawnee
Attn: Tyler Wirth
11110 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, KS 66203