Staff and Certifications

The Johnson County Appraiser's Office encourages and supports its staff in obtaining the highest standards of education, including certification and designation through recognized professional organizations such as the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Appraisal Staff Who Have Earned a Professional Designation (Title)

Name Title Certifications and Designations
Eric Beer Real Property Estate Appraiser  RMA
Kyle Blanz Real Property Regional Coordinator RMA, RES
David (Beau) Boisvert County Appraiser  RMA
Michelle Clark Real Property Appraiser RMA, AAS
Jon Epperson Real Property Appraiser  RMA
Tony Fandel Real Property Regional Coordinator  RMA, RES
Kara Endicott Real Property Valuation Manager RMA, CAE, RES, IAOO Instructor
Brian Gough Real Property Appraiser  RMA
Darin LaBarge Real Property Appraiser  RMA
Michael Lorius Real Property District Appraiser RMA, RES
Nick Lyon Real Property District Appraiser  RMA
Craig Neal Real Property Appraiser  RMA
Tiffany Osborn Real Property Appraiser  RMA, RES
Jeffrey Ramsey Real Property Valuation Manager RMA, CAE, RES
Eric Serrano Real Property Appraiser  RMA
Cody Sosna Real Property District Appraiser  RMA, RES
Vince Tobin Real Property Appraiser  RMA, RES
Jerry Tolle Real Property Appraiser  RMA
Tracy Weaver Real Property Regional Coordinator  RMA, RES
Jeffrey White Real Property District Appraiser  RMA, RES
Cynthia Yarnell Real Property Appraiser  RMA


Descriptions of Certifications and Designations

AAS - To earn the Assessment Administration Specialist a candidate must:

  • Meet general IAAO and educational requirements
  • Complete IAAO educational courses 101, 102, 400 and 402
  • Complete an assessment administration case study examination, research project or evaluation of a jurisdiction's assessment process

ASA - The ASA is awarded by the American Society of Appraisers:

  • To earn the Accredited Senior Appraiser, a candidate must complete appropriate combination of education and work experience.

CAE - To earn the Certified Assessment Evaluator a candidate must:

  • Have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Have five years experience in assessment or appraising
  • Complete IAAO courses 1, 2, 7 and 201 or equivalents (250 hours)
  • Complete a residential demonstration report
  • Complete a commercial project or demonstration report
  • Complete a Standards of Practice workshop
  • Pass an eight-hour comprehensive examination

CAP - To earn the Certified Administrative Professional a candidate must:

  • Complete appropriate combination of education and work experience
  • Complete the CAP examination

CCIM - To earn the Certified Commercial Investment Member a candidate must:

  • Complete appropriate combination of course work
  • Have appropriate work experience in the commercial real estate investment field
  • Successfully complete a comprehensive examination to earn the CCIM designation

CPA - To earn the Certified Public Accountant a candidate must:

  • Complete baccalaureate degree with 150 college hours
  • Have appropriate work experience
  • Pass the Uniform CPA examination

CPM - To earn the Certified Public Manager designation a candidate must:

  • Complete 300 hours of classroom and research time
  • Develop a Capstone project
  • Create a final presentation

CPS - To earn the Certified Professional Secretary a candidate must:

  • Complete appropriate combination of education and work experience
  • Complete examination on finance, business law, office systems, administration, and management

CSC - To become Customer Service Certified the candidate must:

  • Complete 32 hours of course work
    • Five core courses
    • Two elective courses
  • Develop a personal action plan
  • Implement the action plan in daily work

FRICS - The Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The RICS, established in 1881, is one of the most respected and high-profile global standards and membership organizations for professionals involved in land, property, construction, and related environmental issues. The FRICS designation, the most prestigious category of RICS membership, is awarded in recognition of an individual’s achievements in the practice of real estate, including following a strict code of conduct and upholding the highest standards of education and professional training

GISP - To earn the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a candidate must have a broad foundation and specific minimums in each of the three achievement categories listed below that must be met or exceeded.

GISPs must recertify every five years. Points must be earned in the five year window following the initial certification date and before the recertification date.

  • Educational Achievement: A degree along with formal and informal learning activities and coursework. This section awards points for university courses, workshops, training, and conference attendance.
  • Professional Experience: Professional positions claimed by the applicant involving duties related to GIS and geospatial technology.
  • Contributions to Profession: Activities benefiting the profession as a whole. These are broken down into six categories: publications, association involvement, conference participation, workshop instruction, awards, and related community contributions. Sample activities include writing articles, being a member of a local user group, presenting papers, organizing GIS - Daily activities, volunteering, etc.

MAI - All Appraisal Institute members holding the MAI (or SRA or SRP) designation are required to:

  • Complete rigorous education requirements, submit extensive specialized appraisal experience, demonstrate appraisal report writing abilities and potentially pass a comprehensive examination. All requirements to obtain the MAI, SRA or SRPA designations are significantly above the state and federal requirements.
  • Conduct his or her professional activities in accordance with the Appraisal Institute’s Code of Professional Ethics and are subject to a peer review process, which enforces the Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Adhere to strict continuing education requirements to ensure they are up to date with the evolving real estate field. In addition, the Appraisal Institute’s MAI, SRA and SRPA designations have long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions and investors as marks of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis.

PPS - To earn the Personal Property Specialist (PPS) a candidate must:

  • Be an IAAO member
  • Be a candidate in the PPS program
  • Have three years of experience in the personal property valuation system
  • Complete three educational courses
  • Perform a demonstration appraisal report
  • Complete the PPS Master Examination

RES - To earn the Residential Evaluation Specialist (RES) a candidate must:

  • The candidate must be an IAAO member and a candidate in good standing in the RES program
  • The candidate must have at least three (3) years of experience in appraising residential real property
  • The candidate must have credit for the following five (5) educational courses or their equivalents
  1. IAAO Course 101: Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal
  2. IAAO Course 102: Income Approach to Valuation
  3. IAAO Course 300: Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal
  4. IAAO Course 311: Residential Modeling Concepts
  5. IAAO 151 Workshop: Standards of Practice and Professional Ethics (Examination cannot be challenged).
  • The candidate must have satisfactorily completed :
    1. A real property demonstration appraisal report, using all recognized approaches to value, on a single-family residence
      • If a candidate for a RES is also on an equivalent real property appraiser certification or licensing track administered by an organization, country, province or state requiring successful completion of a real property demonstration appraisal report, the candidate may seek a waiver of the IAAO requirement by submitting the appraisal report approved by his/her organization, country, province or state satisfying section D.1. provided that the organization, country, province or state has previously entered into a real property demonstration appraisal report and grading standards waiver agreement with the IAAO.
    2. Or Case Study Exam and IAAO 20.1
    3. A real property demonstration appraisal report on the computer-assisted valuation of a group of residential properties.
    4. The candidate must pass a four-hour RES Master Examination. This examination can be given only after all other requirements have been met.
    5. Upon successfully completing the RES Master Examination, the candidate must submit an affidavit attesting to experience before the designation can be conferred.
    6. The candidate must be a high school graduate or the equivalent.

RMA - To earn the Registered Mass Appraiser (RMA), the candidate must:

  • Complete IAAO Course 1 and 2 or equivalent
  • Complete IAAO Standards & Ethics
  • Complete Property Tax Law Course
  • Complete Personal Property course
  • Complete Mass Appraiser course
  • Have additional education totaling 30 hours for a total of 180 hours
  • Be experienced with 6,000 hours of mass appraisal experience
  • Complete Kansas Property Valuation Department's eligibility examination
  • Complete case studies in residential and commercial
  • Complete continuing education of 120 hours every four years